Thoroughly disappointed with Anker


So I purchased a SoundCore Pro from Anker official store on Aliexpress during the Black Friday sale and it arrived just in time for Christmas. I was looking for a decent bluetooth speaker to have in the house and after reading about different speakers online it seemed like Anker and specifically the SoundCore Pro would be my best bet. The reviews I saw online praised the sound quality of the Anker speakers (relative to their price) and they also praised them for their customer support.

So anyway, I collected the speaker from our local “post office”, unpacked it, plugged in the charger and started testing the unit. I was immediately amazed by the sound quality of this little device! It was absolutely perfect in terms of prize, sound quality, size and appearance. To be honest, at that particular moment, I don’t think I’ve ever been more satisfied with a purchase! But unfortunately my joy was to be short lived.

After about 30 minutes to an hour into listening to different music while it was charging (it went from one dot up to three solid dots with the fourth one blinking, so the charging was working fine at this point) it suddenly went quite. I looked over at the speaker and noticed that it had turned off - none of the leds/lamps were lit. I tried to start it up again, but it never did. The speaker is now completely dead. I doesn’t matter if the charger is plugged in or how many times I’ve tried to press and hold the power button - it’s completely and utterly dead. And no, it’s not discharged since I saw with my own eyes that it was in fact almost fully charged before it went dead.

So after searching online I noticed many people got the tip to contact Anker via their support-mail, which I immediately did. At this point I wasn’t worried since Anker was praised for their support (the speaker had an 18 month warranty, it says on the box I received); surely they would compensate me as well!

The first response I got was your typical tiresome support-mail reply, which contained almost only suggestions I had already tried, or which would be redundant given the information I had sent them in my e-mail. No problem, I’ve experienced this with almost every support I have ever contacted - they tend to disregard what you have written and instead start with the most basic problems to eliminate them. So I sent an answer basically informing that, no, this didn’t help; the unit is, in fact, completely dead.
The reply I got was the first time I actually started to get angry with Anker. It basically said that since I purchased the speaker on Aliexpress (even though it’s Anker’s own official store) I’m not entitled to the same warranty as if it was purchased directly through them or on Amazon. They told me to instead start a refund process on Aliexpress and that was that - no more help from Anker support.

So the next step was to start a dispute on Aliexpress, where I again explained the situation, uploaded images and even a video showing me testing the unit. I stated I wanted a full refund and even though I didn’t expect to be given that so easily (since my confidence with Anker had really sunk) and awaited their respons. I assumed I would be given a counter-bid of, say, 80% refund and that would be that - no hard feelings. But boy was I wrong! Their bid was: full refund if I send the speaker back to China (which wouldn’t be worth the cost or the hassle, since it would cost as much as a new speaker), or I get nothing. Nothing! Nada. 0:- Not 80% refund, Not 50% or 25%. 0%… What the actual f…?!

I must say I’m very upset with being treated this way and I feel cheated. The only thing left for me now is to do a youtube review of my broken device and basically reiterate everything above. Perhaps I will dissuade other potential customer from purchasing an Anker speaker, at least through Aliexpress. I mean, a speaker that doesn’t even function for more than one hour obviously has some serious manufacturing problem inside it, and if I was selling something that broke immediately after delivery my first instinct would be to compensate this customer with a new speaker - no question. But Anker seems to not care, and to be honest neither do I anymore. To me, Anker is blacklisted. I will never purchase another Anker product and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone else either. Not after having to deal with their “support” and “18 month warranty” I’ve had enough. (Or perhaps it’s actually 18 minutes of warranty? That would explain their reluctance to compensate me, since it actually worked for more than that)

Anyway, take care and happy new year to all of you!

Best regards,

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That sounds terrible! I’m so sorry you’ve had such an awful experience with their support. I would assume then, that Anker did not include a warranty card in the box (says happy, not happy) (?)

I really think you may have been connected with someone having a really rough time. Perhaps they were sad they had to be working around the time of the Holidays. Either way, how they managed the situation in definitely not in line with the customer service we all know in love.

I am still very confident that Anker will go above and beyond to make this right for you. I know you may feel like whatever they do you will not buy another Anker product, which is totally understandable.

However, hopefully it all goes very well from here on out and @AnkerOfficial or @AnkerSupport help you out next week.

If you refer to their warranty page, it does not mention Aliexpress not being included.


Sorry to hear about your experience. It looks like you got a defective unit and your support request didn’t fall in right place. Trust me and others when we say that Anker will make it right. As joshuad11 said contacting @AnkerOfficial or @AnkerSupport will definitely get you an expedited help with the issues.
Keep us updated of any new developments. Stories like your’s are the true test for customer support.

So sorry to hear that you had to go thru all that. Can you go thru your credit card company for a refund? This does not sound like the Anker support that I’ve dealt with on several occasions. I understand your frustration. Please keep us posted. :slight_smile:

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Hi Josh,

Thank you for your reply! As far as I can remember, I didn’t see a warranty card in the box, but it could’ve been there. And yes, you could certainly be correct - everyone has a bad day sometimes. I work in an engineering firm as a project manager and I know you can have good days, and bad days. I have a son with autism so 50% of the nights I have to stay awake (and 50% it’s my wife time to stay awake). Such is life and I wouldn’t blame anyone for having a bad day because I’ve experienced thousands of bad days and nights.

On the other hand, I’ve had contact with the support on Anker and the people though Aliexpress, and none of them has read my e-mails or messages. From the responses I’ve gotten it is obvious they haven’t read a word of what I wrote. It’s like if I write: “Hey, this water bottle I purchased, it’s leaking!” and the answer was "Have you tried putting liquid inside of it? If it still leaks, then jokes on you because you purchased this on our official store on this homepage, and not on our own, so f you! " - complete BS.

And believe me, I’ve studied the page you linked. Its says:

“For purchases made through other retailers:
Other retailers’ after-sales support policies will vary. Please contact the retailer directly for specific guidance on their warranty process.”

So basically this is a way of Anker to screw people over. They may have great products and great support if you purchase directly though them or though some dedicated sources, but on Aliexpress you get nothing. Anker doesn’t care at all about you. But joke is on them in a sense, I will raise my voice and do my best to get people aware of this issue. Believe me, Anker will not get away with this so lightly. They might not give a shit about one customer in Sweden, but I will make sure they do :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you for your reply and I’m happy for you. Please note that this isn’t some personal vendetta against anyone. If they would just send me a new speaker that actually worked I would’ve been happy, but that’s not going to happen.


@ kumar.sachin

Hey Kumar,

Thank you for your reply! But I’m quite sure nothing will change. I’ve already had to deal with Anker in two different “channels” - the official support and though Aliexpress - and they simply told me to sod off. So there’s really nothing more for me to do than a very unflattering youtube review and leave this behind me. Anker really does not care one bit. They sent me a unit which didn’t even make it for one hour (which obviously means there are some serious manufacturing issues) and they don’t care. So F-em.

But I’m happy for you happy customers, I don’t have anything against you :slight_smile: I suppose I was just unlucky, but what makes me sad is that they don’t care at all.


Hey Nhi,

I don’t know, never thought about that!
But Anker is, for me, on a -1 out of 10. So unless they roll out the red carpet and give me royal treatment I couldn’t care less about them now.

I will keep you posted on that youtube review though! Had some good ideas to send my dead Soundcore pro off to the far plane with some new years eve bombs… :smiley:

Hi @oddman , sorry to hear of your issues with customer service. Most of us (myself included) normally deal with @AnkerOfficial via the so things normally run more smoothly than going via a third party element of a marketplace, such as Aliexpress and almost always come to a satisfactory conclusion both for Anker and ourselves, the customer.

While I can understand your frustration can I request that you continue to liaise with either @AnkerOfficial or rather than going on a venting session and/or a blacklisting campaign based on I guessing a singular experience…

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I see you have not read my messages (as is typical) so I really don’t have anything to add. You, Anker, simply does not care so there is really nothing more I could say. Nor do I wish to spend anymore negative energy on this issue, for the same reason you should not give a bully credit. You hate me because I do not praise you. You don’t care at all about my situation - and that’s that. Big corporations are psychopaths, and that’s the way it is.

So anyway, happy new year to you and I will get back to you with my youtube review :smiley:

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WOW :sunglasses: very entertaining



Hm… In a good, or bad way?


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Buy one locally, swap it out for the defective one, problem solved. Move on with your life and enjoy your new speaker. :sunglasses:


Rest assured the “red carpet” will be rolled out for you after a venting session this big. @AnkerOfficial does not like to have upset customers, they wouldn’t be where they are today giving crappy service and products to people. :grin:

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It’s all good my friend, poke around the forum for a bit, we are all just individuals trying to help and are not getting paid to do so. Many have joined this forum for different reasons. I have vented before on a forum just like yourself and find it entertaining (good and bad) when someone else vents just like I did. You don’t know me nor I you but trust me when I say @ndalby cares and does not hate you. He is just trying to help.


shhhh! :poop:



Hey Adrian,

But why?
I want a speaker that will last more than a couple of minutes. Seriously.
Anker hasn’t exactly boosted my confidence in them… So why why another one?

Yes, I could certainly buy a “proper” speaker. If I had the money, but I don’t. Shame on me, I suppose. But I can’t change that - I’m not a wealthy man and that’s one of the major reasons i chose Anker.

50 usd in the drain may not be much for most people but it was something for me. It was “my” Christmas in a sense, all other present were for the kids. This was the thing I got for myself, and it worked for ~45 minutes.

Well it sounds like you have my type of luck. :joy: Every manufacturer has defects and I totally agree the way you were responded to by whomever helped you was totally not professional. Just let Anker fix this and enjoy your new (hopefully working) speaker. Its only $50 down the drain if you do not give them the time to fix the issue. I have had an issue in the past take over a month to resolve. Be patient friend! :relaxed:

So obviously Anker does not want to compensate me - game on :wink: I will enjoy reviewing your speaker. It will be a lot of fun!

Must have got a bad apple. This is why you don’t buy stuff from that shady website

Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson about buying stuff from shady places

Hi @oddman,

I’m sorry for the late reply. From December 30th, 2017 to January 1st, 2018 is China‘s holiday. So all the employees will not work during this period.

I read all your comments and I totally understand what is your feeling. I will pass your issue with our support team and please give us more time to deal with the issue.

We will try our best to help you solve it. Thanks for your understanding and patient.:innocent: