This site is read only

I minute ago I got this banner on the top of the page. Anyone know what’s up with it?


Maybe they finally decided to mute you

JK jk :joy: :sweat_smile: :innocent:


Happens from time to time, usually to do some kind of maintenance.

I never seen it before

They said last month the site will be going through ongoing maintenance, no need to be alarmed


Never seen this before… possible that Anker is performing some maintenance, may be database migration during which the site is locked from any new data entry

I would say, logout from the site, login fresh - if this does not resolve, wait for sometime and login back

lol :smile:

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Can’t wait for the app its going to be lit🔥

This may show up to those who write to much.

These are precautionary measures.
They want those frequent writers should spend time in meaningful work. :joy:


I want to beta test it for IOS :grin:

I haven’t seen this type of error

Yeah!!! The app will resolve many of my issues because I don’t like using safari nor any other phone browser… screen is just too small

Problem solved. Get a bigger phone :joy::wink:

It doesn’t get bigger than an iPhone XS Max! Not unless I start carrying around an iPad

I don’t understand how the app will fix your problem though…

That’s because you have an iPhone XR

I’m kidding… On Safari I can’t see details like when you hover with your mouse over a users profile… also sometimes I can only see “latest” posts even though I select “Unread” and many other little nuisances that doesn’t reflect on the computer browser

Oh okay. That makes sense.

You don’t like my iPhone XR? :cry:.

Just remember I saved like $500+

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Also, select “new” and you will get all of the posts that you haven’t read :wink:

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