This quality company isn't a dying breed

I started purchasing Anker products approximately 2 years ago. My first purchase was a new car charger. It felt and looked well built and functioned great. I quickly purchased a fast charger and 6’ cable for the home. Same quality as before. So what else could I buy I thought. Soon enough it was a power bank that is awesome. Holds a charge along time and quickly charges any device via the micro usb cable. It has two USB ports and a built in flashlight aswell. Then it was the soundcore xl speaker. I had a oontz Cambridge speaker but wanted something with more volume, bluetooth range and battery life. I work outdoors and always have some music going. The soundcore has met all those needs and its built like a tank!! Very pleased with this speaker. Next I purchased the Bluetooth iPad keyboard for a Christmas gift. My background with Anker products thus far was great so why not start sharing it. My mother loves her gift. Great craftsmanship. Battery life is excellent . Case acts as a stand and no problems connecting and staying connected to the iPad. Also it puts the pad to sleep once shut and wakes when opened. The only issue I have had was the micro usb end on the 6’ cable went bad. I contacted Anker and the product was under warranty and they asked how they could help. I was given a choice of full refund or new replacement cable. Of course I took the replacement because of this companies values in providing a great product and standing behind it. These are dying values in today’s world. Everyone else makes junk you’ll be replacing in maybe a years time. For me I’ll keep buying new products and keeping the ones I own! Thanks Anker. Stay on this track and you’ll have loyal lifelong customers.