This IS The New Anker 3.0 Packaging! (Update)

I just received my PowerCore II 20000 with PowerIQ 2.0 technology. This is how the box looks! Are you guys a fan of it or not? Let me know!

The details are quite difficult to capture on camera, but I tried!

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Anker’s recent Facebook post reveals what I believe to be new packaging for their 3.0 version. Notice the new logos. There are also extra doodles on it, but what do you guys think? Do you think this is the real thing? Do you like it?


:smirk:I don’t think the doodles on the box is a real thing

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I think it is the real thing and I love the doodles. :slight_smile: Hmmm, I could use the Anker eye mask :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, this is just a special gift pack!:smile:


All your packages contain a special gift. Think you should stick with it and develop different doodles for each type of product :slight_smile:


I really like the look of the box with the lightbulb/candle power up.
Not sure if I like the lightning bolts on the charge cable case, they seem old fashioned.
Not sure I fully understand the blue earbud case

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As long as they keep that shade of blue, i’ll like it

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Me gusta ese estilo :smile:

This looks like a good travel package with the pillow, charge cable, earbuds, what’s in the box? Maybe an E reader


I think it is a pack of gifts … maybe a small speaker and portable charger


I really like the fact that Anker is eco-conscious with their packaging. That being said the amount of ink being used on this particular package I believe is unnecessary. Both in the increased cost to the manufacturer which in turn they pass the price however slight that may be along to the customer and increased waste Since 99% of packaging ends up in a landfill anyway I believe the same upscale presentation effects can be reached with plain textured cardboard and bio Inks.



Landfill? What the !*&$

Is that why my office is so full



I think that’s just an ad

Nice collection of boxes you have there :joy: are you building a fort made out of Anker boxes? I hold on to the boxes for a while too then eventually recycle them when I realize they are completely useless. @AnkerOfficial please pioneer items wrapped in biodegradable plastic others will follow. I really appreciate Ankers minimal packaging but let’s take it one step further.

that would actually be really cool

Have a look at some of the photos in this past photo contest and you will see where I am going with saving my boxes. If all else fails a fort would be pretty cool if I get enough from @AnkerOfficial :sunglasses:


Are you sure biodegradable plastics are as effective as cardboard for making forts? Shelter is a basic human need, and what if Anker is trying to provide that. (?) Also, would biodegradable plastics be cheaper than what Anker’s current setup? If not, we’re essentially taking a slight step forward but a bigger step back (for most of us anyway).

BUT, if we’re talking about forts for the homeless like here in NYC I think cardboard is great for the summer but what about the winter? plastic outer cover for water RESISTANCE like the Soundcore 2?

I think would need to help Anker rethink their go green strategy. lol

Hahaha, you are right, it’s a good gift pack for travel! Wearing earbuds and take the pillow on the flight, you will have a comfortable journey!:hugging: