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I was publishing this at soundcore forum as well.
But as far I see the young ones there are not in classical music.
But may be here are some true lovers of classical music.
I detected a great internet radio station from Switzerland.
They dont talk too much there .
Title, composer, artist and orchestra.

Everybody can understand, and can read.

So far, I gave up listening to all other radio stations.
The whole day : crisis, pandemia, lack of money , politics - > game over, no more!



I have to agree with you- classical music, to me, fills a void that other music genres can’t. As much as I search for “good music” despite the genre, I inevitably return to the classics for long-term listening.

The radio station you linked has a great selection, some composers listed I’m not too familiar with. Excited to learn of a new source for music while studying and working.

Do you have any favorite composers/pieces lately?


I am in classical music since about 40 years.
But here they are broadcasting beside of very well known pieces really unknown composers.
The more you listen the more you like and learn about.
Really great.

I had an abonnement from a commercial webradio for 1 month.
Boring, always the same stuff in an endless loop.
I tried to contact the “chefe”, but he was “too busy”, so I was busy too and canceled that.

Sweet, now I have something to listen too while at work.

Maybe this is something I should give a try
Thanks @Chiquinho

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