Third Party Nebula Capsule Adjustable Tripod Stand

i just find a cheaper Nebula Capsule Tripod Stand which only cost $29.99. Has anyone already bought this staff and what do you think of?

Amazon Link:

In terms of third party stand, any will work provided it has the mount ada pool terminal needed for the Nebula. Many can be found at Walmart for less than that, I know my Walmart currently has a half dozen tripod sands for 10 bucks right now on clearance

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As mentioned by @elmo41683 any third party tripod stand will be suitable for the Nebula Capsule as long as it has the 3/8 or 1/4 inch UNC screw thread (or listed as for digital camera use etc). Prices can get as low as a few bucks but often with lower prices you have an impact on the build quality and overall longevity…AmazonBasic ones are pretty decent at the right price :slight_smile: