They all stopped working

I bought three of your USB charging stations, model 71an711. They worked so super well, sturdy built, very quality I thought . I bought a power core 20100. I filled my work, a prestigious FBO with your gear too cause I was so impressed with your products. I always send out a model a7514 with every laptop I deploy.

I was a good customer. The joy doesn’t last.

All of my personal gear started going out, at the same time. The ones I bought for clay lacy aviation have gone out. People waiting for planes want to charge stuff. My power core won’t charge anymore. What happened? Your make me look like a fool.

How can one port on a USB charger work but the others don’t?

Hi @sv650y,
Sorry to hear you’re having trouble.
Sometimes a power surge can cause a charger or power bank to stop working temporarily. Please try leaving it unplugged for an hour or so to allow the safety mechanism to reset.
If this doesn’t help, Anker offers an 18-month warranty for their products, so please reach out to and they can begin the warranty process with you.

Hey @sv650y, could you please contact us at "" with above product problems? Please be assured that we offer 18 months warranty(replace or refund) and lifetime technical support. If the problem is within our warranty coverage, we are glad to arrange a replacement to you for a try!:robot: