Coverage of Anker Soundcore Launch

Anker announced six new sets of wireless earbuds at its event today in NYC. Notably, each new model supports USB-C fast charging, and most of them cost less than $100 — even if by just a dollar.

The stars of its 2019 lineup are the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro (pictured above) and the Liberty Air 2. Starting with the Liberty 2 Pro, these are Anker’s first foray into premium audio, and cost $149, a premium compared to its other products. But Anker is touting that it crafted them alongside audio engineers, and that this expertise along with its new “astria coaxial acoustic architecture” helps them achieve heights that other brands have yet to reach.

Breaking that terminology down, Anker has combined a dynamic driver with a balanced armature driver to give users the best bass, mids, and highs possible in a set of truly wireless earbuds. Anker was demoing these at its event, and even with some errant noises that are inherent to these kinds of venues, the sound is impressive. They aren’t small earphones; they rock a similar build to the Bose SoundSport Free. Though, they’re pretty comfortable, and again, they’re only $149.

These have wireless charging via their included case, and the claimed battery life goes up to eight hours per charge (and up to 32 hours total with the case). This model has four microphones, which Anker says helps them achieve good sound isolation.


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The Liberty Air 2 are AirPod-inspired, with familiar stems that extend out from the earbuds, as well as a flip-top case. Anker claims that these can last up to seven hours on a single charge, and the wireless charging case provides a total of 28 hours. Anker didn’t have working models on display, but the package seems impressive for $99 truly wireless earbuds.

All of Anker’s new earbuds will release in October through Amazon. The Liberty Air 2 will also be available through Walmart and Best Buy, while the Liberty 2 Pro will sell online and in-store at Best Buy.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Available in October 2019 for $99


Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

Available in October 2019 for $149




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