These wallpapers are perfect for the Galaxy S10's hole-punch camera

I challenge all the forum members to come up with other unique wallpapers to disguise the hole punch selfie camera on S10 plus/S10 and upcoming Note 10

So far better is my favorite.


Haha, that’s hilarious!

HA HA HA! THAT IS HILARIOUS! Sounds like a quick buck can be made here! PRINTER ON!

Quick buck?

You mean like selling your design to Zedge or similar companies? BC that’s a good idea as long as you own the rights to whatever characters you would like to use.

Bender is funny, I guess this type of wallpaper is a good way to accept the fact that holes and notches are not going away any time soon.

HELLLLZZZZZ YEAHHHH!!! Easily make a couple of bucks (dollars) selling stickers for phone cameras on Amazon/ebay… I know this topic is about wallpapers but yeah!

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That would work for the rear camera but a sticker would cover up the screen🤦‍♂️


I think hole punch cams will disappear sooner than we think. Samsung has already started to develop cameras that can see through special screens.

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Class lol :muscle:t2:

Shouldn’t this have been on the s10 topic page?
Just to be an old hag!

Has anyone pre-ordered one yet?

I was close but my network wouldn’t cut a deal.

That Bender one is perfect.

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Not necessarily, this is a good idea for any phone with a hole punch camera

Samsung A8, Huawei View 20, Samsung note 9, Samsung S10/S10 plus ECT.

I’m waiting on the Note 10

That is amazing!

Yea I pre-ordered the white prism S10+. I got it through TMobile and the down payment was $132. What network do you have?

Those are awesome! I’d take a hole punch over a notch any day.

For the time being I’m content with my phone having a big chin and forehead :wink:

I’m on telephonica otherwise known as O2! I wouldn’t need to pay upfront but £50 per month, is too big a jump, esp for a 3 ye contract.

Plus O2 raise their bill every year, by whatever the RPI is on a set day.

Haha thanks for posting… didn’t know they even exist​:joy::+1:

I thought you were in the US. Some carriers here have deals for the new S10

They’re saying it’s a deal, as I don’t pay anything for the handset, but it’s £8 a month more than I pay now, for less data.