These Anker headphones I bought are not listed on their website, are they legit?

I bought a pair of Anker Soundcore Life 2 NC over-ear headphones and I am unable to find anything about these headphones anywhere, other than the website I bought them from (Microcenter) and one listing on Walmart

They are marked as model A3024. the closest product I can find on Anker’s website is the Anker Soundcore Life Q20

are these legit? should I return these? I’m a little concerned because the noise cancelling is giving me a headache, and i’m not sure if they’re faulty, or if these are even legitimate products? Would anyone be able to clear this up?

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after some digging it looks like these might be the same as the Q20s? but i paid +$20 over the Q20s for these, did I get ripped off?

Soundcore Life 2 NC are real and Microcenter wouldn’t sell fake Anker/Soundcore products.

These are also a newer product.

Soundcore/Anker is known not to list all their products on their website.

If these are the ones you got?

If so, then they are real.

Please do not miss up the life 2 with the q20, the q20 is far inferior to the life 2 which are better in almost every way.

As for the nc causing headaches and such, just return them and exchange or refund. NC is not for everyone, my wife cannot use them as they instantly trigger a migraine for her and same for some other family members. So if you have super sensitive hearing then I would avoid it all together

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