The ZERO an attempt of a review

Everything of this top speaker needs a bit of time to get really used to it.
Sorry, so it took me a while to write the review.

But first (online tracking): Damage to the package caused DHL.
This can happen.
I called all “supports” (ANKER, AMAZON and DHL)
to prevent any problems.
Really nice people!
(I am also a friendly person! :wink: )
Absolutely perfect, not the usual “service desert”.

Conclusion: If there is damage to the item detected by DHL during repackaging,
the parcel would NOT be shipped anymore and it would get an insured event.

But the ZERO arrived at last perfectly.
The original packaging from ANKER is very stable.

But let’s go to the device now:

I like good “design”.
So I also love the shape and the feel of this speaker.

It is bigger than the usual small “cans” and “bricks”.
Really a little “sound case”
But a real gem and eye candy, without any exaggeration.
The workmanship is excellent and very valuable.
Although I will use the ZERO more in the living area,
the speaker is ipx5 water protected.

But honestly:
For absolute, fast mobile use (pack in your bag or bag pack)
I would recommend a soundcore FLARE e.g…
Regarding the size and weight of the Zero : (1.9 kg).
(See photo in comparison)
The FLARE has also a built-in “light organ”.
This might be great fun for young party people! :wink:
I gave away the B+se mini and now my favourite speaker for traveling is the Flare

Let us take a look, better let’s listen to the most important thing
of a speaker:
The “sound”.
Again, this ZERO needs a while to get used to it.
The description says it is “Hi-Res Audio Certified” and using “Transducers Designed by SCANSPEAK”.
Result : Exact treble!
This may sound “overdone”(harsh) for some ears.
There are discussions about at some YT reviews.

But we have this bass button integrated: BASSUP ™ TECHNOLOGY
You should play around with a lot.

I always mentioned:
With a good equalizer, every speaker can be more or less
adjusted to the individual hearing.
Please do this, before leaving a “statement”.

At first, I took the heights back slightly.
But now I lift the heights successively day by day.
So I get used to it and the sound is “getting better” for my old ears.
It really takes some time to get the right feeling.

You might use the Soundcore application to play around with.
I don’t, the “equalizer” is really not my “taste” :frowning:

For me an equalizer with at least 10 frequency ranges is absolutely a MUST.
Regarding the ZERO: The centers can be left as they are.
Only with the bass in the range of 30 to 130 Hz and the treble in the range of 3 to 8 Khz you might do some adjustments.
And as always said, PLEASE leave the preamp, if it is adjustable in your equalizer, in the minus range!
And last not least do not forget, speakers need some certain days “to warm up”.
The more you listen, the more you like!

Voluminous, overwhelming.
A mighty speaker!
It’s the best speaker I ever had.
Congrats Soundcore!
Getting better and better!


Addendum :
There is a “power indicator” next to the ON/OFF button.
After a while it starts blinking.
But what is the reason?
The manual doesn’t tell.

The charging status is shown by a little LED near
the charging socket at the back.
(last photos)

Addendum :

The Zero was playing 9:00 hours.
The LED started blinking after 8:30 hours.
So it took 30 minutes to shut down.
Charging takes 1:30 hours.


Bonus points for the picture with the monkey dolls! :heart_eyes: :grinning::monkey_face: Started my day with a smile because of that!


Nice in-depth review @fhassm (the punk rocker monkey dolls pic is awesome too), the zero is certainly on my list to have a mess with at some point :grin:


great review. I’ll probably get the zero+ bc it has google assistant.


Great review Franz! @fhassm

Thanks for taking us on a journey. I would love to have a dram or coffee and chat with you!


If you ever come to Munich, let me know!
You are welcome.
Of course all other members of community too!!!:heart_eyes:


great review @fhassm
Zero and Zero+ are very tempting. I’ll wait till it drops below $100. It is too expensive right now for me.


Ahh knew it, now I want one even more. But I recently got a Google Home mini and find myself using that more than my Eufy Genie so I may have to go for the +. Excellent review

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Excellent review. I love BASS UP on my Soundcore Boost. Would definitely expect that tech in a flagship speaker like this. Also, great pics with the monkeys and the flare - it’s always hard to get a feel for size in promo pictures.

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Awesome review @fhassm. You hit some really good points and kept the review brief and to the point. Loved the pictures.

Zero definitely looks appealing and looks like it sounds great as well. Price is a little steep, although PU’s in US can get it at 20%discount.


Wow, great review!

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Great review and photos!!! :star_struck:

Great review my friend! The monkey pic is the cherry on the top, and a nice way to get a sense of the Zero’s size - at least for those of us with a Flare. I for one imagined it somewhat bigger, but I’m actually relieved to see it’s smaller than I thought, because it means I can actually have a place for it in my home. :wink:

Nice to see the Anker customer service works well everywhere, too!

That was a great review and I loved the monkeys.

@fhassm my friend looks like the monkeys are as popular as ZERO. hahaha. :slight_smile:

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Great review and pictures, @fhassm!

There is video at YT.
Oluv compares the ZERO with a H&K speaker.
He is talking a lot about this “harsh treble”.
I can not hear it.
May be the reason are my “old, worn ears”.
Or better the music I listen to. :grin:

These are the setting which are suitable for me.

What I have to check out now is the “reduction of volume”.
Oluv speaks about.

As far I use it. There is NO.
Now playing ca 150 minutes.

The Zero was playing 9:00 hours.
The LED started blinking after 8:30 hours.
So it took 30 minutes to shut down.
Charging takes 1:30 hours.

I was playing Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert at a normal volume.
The monkeys liked it, though they got their winter suits now. :grin:


Good stuff, but can you add or have @ndalby or @TechnicallyWell merge this with your original review Here this way everything is in one place