The World’s Strongest Cable: Buy One Get One FREE

Earlier this year, we created PowerLine II, the world’s most durable Lightning cable yet—but far be it from us to rest on our laurels. We’ve produced PowerLine+ II Lightning for iPhone, a miracle of engineering like nothing the charging world has ever seen.

We subjected it to our bend-machine tests, putting it through bend after rigorous bend. We’re talking, more than the number of situps The Rock does in a week, type of bends. We found that PowerLine+ II Lightning withstands over 30,000 consecutive bends, making it easily 30x stronger than the average cable. Not only that, it handles more than 175 lbs of weight (roughly the size of an adult man). PowerLine+ II lifts, bro.

PowerLine+ II also comes in a range of vibrant colors which, thanks to the two-tone double-braided nylon exterior, stand out brilliantly against any background.

Have you ever found cable connector ends too tiny and fiddly? We have, which is why we’ve installed Easy-Grip aluminum-alloy connectors. The extended length of the connector surface lets you plug in and out comfortably, over and over again.

So what could be better than an ultra-powerful, elegantly designed charging cable? Two ultra-powerful, elegantly designed charging cables.

That’s why we’re giving you a special buy one, get one free deal. Just invite 3 friends to register an Anker account, and you’ll be able to purchase one PowerLine+ II Lightning, while getting a second one absolutely free! Each friend you refer also gets 15% off their own PowerLine+ II, giving you more reasons to spread the love.

Sharing is caring, so bolt over to our referral page for the US, Canada, or the UK, and get hooked up with PowerLine+ II Lightning.:sunglasses:


Sweet, I know I just ordered some but could definitely use more to replace all my standard cables

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Nice, also digging the colour options :smile:


the red my favorite !!:heart_eyes:


Nice marketing operation !


I wish there was a red and black but otherwise the red is dope

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I’ve already got 1 but this is deflecting referrals from the win an iPhone X competition :disappointed_relieved:

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Don’t you mean win a discount code :grin:

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Hilarious! :joy:


Have you checked back on the link @ndalby?

I shared my referral for that on a competition Facebook page.

I checked back on the UK link above and I had 4 more tries from those who had clicked my link. All failed though :sob:

Check the link above. See if you have any more goes?

The first go was a discount code and to generate the referral link. After that it just won or you are out of luck

They do look nice! and Strong!

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Gotcha…I was referring more to the odds of winning than referrals…as for more turns, don’t have a big Facebook grouping (billy no mates :frowning2:) so I’m unlikely to generate any more :laughing:

iLInwas a bit cheeky and said, click this link to win and iPhone lol so had a couple that did it lol

Very nice cable, i have a red one!

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The best cable ever … I’ve got a red one and it looks cool and certainly feels very strong!

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Canada is included!!

( ^ω^ )

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Oh are these now metallic colors?

How do they claim the 20% off?

So I shared it. At this point I have to wait until 3 people actually register with Anker is that correct?