The Wireless Revolution | Exclusive Discounts Available

Since launching our **PowerWave** charging series last year, Anker now has a variety of wireless chargers to choose from. **Anker Fan Alert:** there are some special discounts at the end of this blog, so read on!

Whether you’re looking for:

  • A pad for your nightstand
  1. A wireless charging stand to charge at the perfect angle on your desk
  2. A charging station for multiple devices
  3. Or even a wireless charging mount for your car

Now there’s a PowerWave for almost any situation.

But with other various models and styles of wireless chargers on the market, why choose Anker?

There are two major reasons:

Surprising Speed

  • Our wireless chargers cut 30 minutes off of charging time compared to standard ones. That’s time you could be spending away from the charger with family and friends, at work, or just living your life without worrying about your phone battery.

  • Some of our PowerWave models contain a state-of-the-art internal cooling fan, preventing the charger from becoming warmer near the end of the charging process and throttling speed to compensate. Charge fast from 0% all the way to full with PowerWave!

Universal Compatibility

  • Our wireless chargers work with all Qi-compatible devices, including Samsung, Apple, Sony, and LG. So you can take advantage of our wireless charging technology no matter what you’ve got in your pocket!

  • PowerWave chargers are designed to adjust output to deliver the fastest possible wireless charging speed your phone can handle. That means a 10W output for Samsung Galaxy devices or 7.5W for iPhone.

  • Hi there, phone case! Our chargers are all case-friendly. Able to transmit charging power directly through any case of 5 mm thickness or less, they don’t mind getting up close and personal with your phone’s protective cover. Just be advised: cases with metal components, credit cards/keys, and other attachments may interfere with charging.

If you’re ready to ride the Wave, we’ve prepared some discounts to make your foray into wireless charging as easy on the wallet as possible (just don’t put your wallet on your new wireless charger, we can’t charge through all the money you’ll be saving with these awesome deals)!

Click on your country to get the discounts for your area:

What do you think of our PowerWave offerings, Anker fans? What would you like to see in the future? Let us know below!

Power On!


Nice deals @AnkerOfficial thanks for them :grin:

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A revolution of deals is needed :laughing::laughing:

Keep in mind that new PowerWaves are coming soon…

  • PowerWave+ Pad
  • PowerWave+ Stand
  • PowerWave+ Duo
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And mention which models have a fan

Looking forward to the new waves that are coming

I’m excited to see where this leads us, There have been so many improvements in charge delivery lately and I feel like we are just getting started with the wireless method…

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:joy: :joy: I like the wittiness! :thumbsup:


Nice deal!

This is why I have a bunch of stuff on my Amazon Save for Later shopping cart. I just bought a wireless charger about a month ago or so when it was regular price. Now the savings are massive and I feel soooooo regrettably sorry I made the purchase then. I could have bought so much more stuff with the money I would have saved! Well at least these are some great prices for those without a WC

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Great deals, however at this point I’ll wait for the new wakey and for the newer PowerWaves devices :+1: but thank you anyway

While it is a good design, to have the cooling fan, it does kind of proof the point why wireless portable powerbanks, which is a wish-list we see in the community, is a dumb idea. Wireless is inefficient, while that wastes pennies/year for wall-socket powered chargers, it really kills the weight of portable charger.

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Great deals. I’m happy with the PowerWaves that I have and looking forward to future wireless chargers. Anyone else here excited for the “Wakey?”

Also the WAKEY… I don’t think that will officially be a PowerWave though :wink:

Good deal. Should haven’t bought Samsung’s brand when I got my S10 at Bestbuy. I’ll get them later and I kinda notice that my samsung wireless charger pad only runs 9W…and it gets hot in the center. Will these get hot while charging?

@Tobistalker These actually stay pretty much nice and cool, some have experienced it getting warm but I have the powerwave with the fan and it never gets hot while charging my S9+

do you have the powerwave 15w? I was thinking about buying one when I had S10 pre-ordered

Not the 15w…
Well I have 2 powerwave stands and 1 powerwave pad
This stand and
This pad