The wind is stealing my eufycam!

Windy day here and I keep getting an alert that someone is stealing my camera! Maybe some adjustments in the future to sensitivity would be great.

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I think it safe to say, this wind is stronger than usual.

Roav dash cam’s had a similar issue with motion activation when parked. Often the sensitivity can be improved with firmware updates…

I agree with that! The wind was crazy. Would be nice if we had a slider to adjust like the motion sensitivity

Thanks for the feedback! Where do you live, as that much wind sounds pretty wild!

We’ll be taking this feedback into consideration.

Connecticut. Just a windy day! Nothing too crazy.

Good ol Connecticut. In my old stomping grounds you would have to have cameras watching cameras as people would be trying to steal them.

I do have overlap but luckily I’m not in too bad of an area.