The Verge: Anker Soundcore Liberty Lite earbuds review: low price sacrifice

The Verge recently reviewed Soundcore’s Liberty Lite:

Anker’s truly wireless earbuds are cheap, but not without compromise

Read the full review here, and be sure to share your thoughts!


I feel that anything related to Anker audio gets unfairly bashed by the verge. Yet they praise lower end headphones and speakers due to getting paid by those companies to promote them. I’m sure if Anker did the same they would change their tune about things.

With that said audio is always subjective so not everyone would agree on all fronts


I’ve liked the sound quality of anker items, but I was so disappointed with the original anker zolo liberties audio lag when watching video. Ended up with Jabra Elites sports, but miss the sound quality of ankers. Seeing the audio latency issue is fixed is a step in the right direction.

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Not so sure about this. Although I do not own the Liberty Lites, their points seem fair and objective. However, I was surprised to see them praise the fit because the overall shape remains unchanged from Liberty/+.

The libertys have a better fit imo over the liberty+ but everyone’s ears are different.


I have liberty and I love the fit. Use it much more than AirPods.

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As far as fit, I’d say the Liberty fit way better than the Liberty+ and Liberty Lite. Mileage may vary of course.

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Great feedback for @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical

Several mistakes in the review…

“The earbuds won’t automatically power down when idle. Only after you manually disconnect the Bluetooth will the Liberty Lites shut off after two minutes.”

Put them back in the case they disconnect instantly, same as when you take them out they instantly turn on and reconnect.

“Audio won’t automatically pause when you remove one or both earbuds.”

Irrelevant, press the unmissable button on either as you remove it and it pauses.

“There’s no kind of transparency / ambient mode for pumping in audio from your surroundings.”

Although not achievable via the buttons, you can do it using the Zolo app, buttons would be better though.

“switching from one device to another is more confusing and complicated than it should be. I often ended up having to reset them to do so.”

Wrong, just hit reconnect on a previously paired device and it’s job done.

Would take issue with the need for any EQ as these are just about perfect straight out of the box unlike a lot of highly regarded pairs.

Personally never had any battery issues and the fit is amazing after spending some time finding the best combo of tip and wing, regarly fall asleep with them in which I’ve never done with any other in ear phones.


Exactly why I say I have issues with them whenever they review Anker headphones, never mind that some of the brands they tout as cheap and amazing are downright atrocious

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