The Ultimate Dashcam Roav C2 Pro

The ultimate dashcam Roav C2 Pro…click picture to go to Amazon link
FHD 1080p
GPS logging
Gravity Sensor
Temperature Resistant
Night mode
Sony Starvis Sensor

So tell us, do you think you would be purchasing this? Do you currently own a Dashcam? If so how well do you think this would compare to what you own now?


Hmmm, I don’t really see the difference between the C1 Pro and C2 Pro. Although, C1 Pro can shoot in 2K and looks different. Other then that, I don’t see why the C2 Pro would be an improvement over the C1 Pro.

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So, the suction cup mount doesn’t work for me. Where i need to mount it behind rear view mirror, i have the “3rd visor” or “frit” (technical name) of those dimples in my windshield, the suction cup mount won’t hold on them. The solution from ROAV is for a 3m mount, but it makes you remove and give up the gps module since its part of the suction cup mount. Personally, i don’t like that. Sure i could move the camera to different place where it sticks out like a sore thumb in middle of my windshield, but i don’t want to do that.

SO, if you have a third visor where you mount your dash cam, be aware.

Otherwise the camera works great and records 24 hours a day hooked up to an always on 12v connector in my f-250

(and no that is not my amazon review of some guy venting about same thing)

Try using a spray bottle to wet your windshield so the suction cup sticks better to a slightly uneven surface. Might work…

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Yeah, things can get a bit confusing with all those products that look so much alike.

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True, while bad it also means you won’t getting something totally wrong because the difference aren’t huge.

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