The Ultimate Battle of the Cameras: iPhone 7 vs S7 vs?

Who prefers the iPhone 7’s camera over the Galaxy S7’s camera, and vice versa. Why? Feel free to throw a couple of punches, violence is totally permitted here*. Now we debate!!! Feel free to add other smartphone’s cameras into the mix as well, as you feel it is necessary.

*for those of you that would get on me like crazy for saying that, I was jk, lol

The Google Pixel XL is a competitor and is probably the best smartphone camera to date.


I dont think you can buy a bad camera phone now and really its someone with real OCD to be comparing them, I’ve watched reviews and I’m thinking both look pretty good and you’re trying to drag me down to carrying about it to almost make me miserable to just make me buy a new phone every 6 months.

They’ll all good.

I think that all camera’s phones are on a similar level at this point. I don’t know much about the cameras but I know that the dual camera for the iPhone 7 Plus is pretty cool!

I like the Google Pixel’s camera for overall performance. As far as “special” features, I prefer the iPhone 7 Plus for it’s dual lens, and it also has the better portrait mode. The gap on “the best” smartphone camera is closing though. For overall performance, the Google Pixel is just marginally better than the iPhone 7 Plus. On top of that, any modern flagship phone has a pretty good camera. I’ve been really pleased with the camera on my Galaxy S6, even still, almost 2 years later.