The Technological Future - The Next Big Thing

So crystal balls at the ready and mainly for fun.

What do you think are the technological advances that us mere consumers will be enjoying in the years to come?

What will be the next big idea that will have us salivating at our mouths for?

I notice that, of late, Apple, who have been the boundary breakers of the past, appear to have stagnated. Even their new styled ear buds are being delayed. Microsoft are developing new hardware. Samsung has had their own nightmares to contend resulting in a whole product being removed from sale.

So with no limitations, what are the products that you would like to see? What do you predict will be the must haves of the future and what will future generations take for granted that we can merely marvel at now?

What is the next big thing? Over to you.

Apple has NEVER been innovative - EVER.

Every feature they had was somewhere else first.

What I expect will happen:

  • faster networks allowing richer streaming media mobile. This will exasperate the already significant problem of mobile battery life.

  • solar efficiency improvements. At some point these may be applicable to the mobile market but the issue is if it is just noise in the problem given mobiles power needs will grow.

  • smarter fabrics, smarter clothing, link to your mobile

  • more local to home energy storage, such as fuel cells.

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Apple has definitely stagnated. I keep expecting them to make new cool features but it is just like bigger battery space, more cameras, better resolution, etc. I really want to see an update in home security. There are a lot of home security programs but I think that as we move into the future, they can be made much better. In terms of technology in general, I believe there is a lot of energy that we just wasting that could potentially be renewable energy. I like the idea of increased solar panels but also I think items need to be made more energy efficient. I also think that they should add new features into phones so it can literally control your house. The closest thing I have to that is a speaker system that is bluetooth. There are a lot of advancements that can be made.

What about not having anything worth stealing at home? If the most expensive things you own are the mobile in your pocket and possibly a tablet/laptop in general there isnt much to bother a criminal’s risk of being caught? Why not unlock your doors so no damage to property?

This is how it used to be.

I didn’t consider that. I feel like there will still be some stuff like jewelry that people will want to steal. As technology advances though, technology will be the most valuable stuff.

“all property is theft” - if you own something then someone else doesn’t.

Can’t take it with you - good memories, good friends, good food, healthy outdoors, and dying in peace.

Or: debt, mistrust, crime, fear, loneliness in a materialist home-based existence?

Technology is meant to serve us, not us serve technology. Is home security you serving the tech?

Woah. This is getting philosophical. I think you can look at it both ways to be honest.