The Spirit X is the best affordable bluetooth earphone I have ever tried!

Surprisingly, I won one of the Power Draws which was the Spirit X by Anker. I expected it to be a knock-off earphone of beats or some high priced earphones but I was wrong! When it arrived on my front porch. I opened the box to see a cheap cardboard box but I was wrong. It was presented in a high-quality box. But for me, that didn’t really matter. When I got the earphone out. It looked OK, not bad nor fantastic. When I paired it, it was a completely different story. The bass was excellent. It didn’t sound like bass that didn’t change by sound and only gets loud. I could hear the bass change in sound and loudness. To be honest, when I gave it to my friends, I thought they would say it sounds bad because they have beats and Sony earphones but they didn’t, they said it almost matched their sound quality. If your searching for good quality Bluetooth earphones, I recommend you get this.


Congrats on winning the powerdraw.

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I have a pair of Spirit X I just received and I share your sentiments. Very good sound!

Thanks for the accomplishment from you and your friend!
We will launch more headphones with good sound quality in the foreseeable future.
You can keep an eye out for it!


Awesome, glad to hear you’re enjoying the Spirit X!