The soundcore application!

Instead of creating a “new item” every day ANKER
should spend some time in creating a proper “soundcore application”.

This one I have seen BUT NOT used is really NOT an advertisement for “our” company. :worried:
Sorry, ANKER this job was not good made and need some improvements.

Eg. That equalizer is really a “joke”.

What do you think about my friends?


I just went into GOOGLE PLAY, to see what’s available… There is NO generic app for Anker products, but there are some apps for a couple of specific products only.

Fortunately, I have a really good music app, that uses pre-amp and 12 equalisers (with a good selection of presets) plus basic bass/treble (treble is split voice/instruments). Plus I get several useful features that makes it one of the best music apps.


I’m talking about that “FLARE application”.

Take a look at this one and tell me your honest opinion.

Please tell us what apps and equalizers you are using, it might be not a secret! :grin:


Anker flare, is a very basic app, thats bland.

I would’ve expected to control the LEDs… Colours, Tempo, Responsiveness, how bright.
Control tone and equaliser, or preset
Turn bass boost on/off

Whether to pause for notifications, or mute them.

I use POWERAMP music app. It’s a paid app, but well worth it…

Equaliser goes up to 16k (9 EQs)


I use poweramp as well!!!:grin:

“bland” there are many translations I found.
I would say its “lousy” :laughing:
In German its “lausig”


I personally think it’s one of THEE best music apps.

I think the app gets the job done and is user friendly. What would you change besides more control over the EQ?

Do speakers have in built memory chips? If they do speaker app should let you fine tune your speaker through equalizer, save it in speaker’s memory and then you don’t have to use the app eq every time. That would be amazing.

I always found poweramp little too cluttered but I might try it again. I’m looking into some good music android app after I got my new phone and don’t like stock app.

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What phone did you get?

Xiaomi Redmi note 5. Amazing thing. I’m getting like 8+ hours of screen on time with heavy use. Great speaker on it too. Not that good 3.5 output though but for the price I’m amazed.

I use poweramp under Android and banshee under LINUX MINT.
Both have equalizers with 10 adjustable frequencies and preamp.
Those I call usable equalizers.
Such one should be added to the ANKER app.
I will not talk about the possibilities to modify the “light show” as I don’t use it. :innocent:

Do you mean via headphones? That’s either EQ settings, or the actual headphones?!?

Obvs a good set of headphones, and good music app, will make a huge difference.

There are a couple of decent FREE music players out there… When free, download n try it… if you don’t like it, uninstall n try again.