The Samsung Galaxy S10 face unlock fail

Just saw this video from Lew on Unbox Therapy about how easy it is to hack open someone’s Galaxy S10 using facial recognition.

He knew it was possible but never expected it to be this easy to do.

Anyone that has a video of you can hold it up to it from their phone and boom! It unlocks it as easy as that. He didn’t try it with still photos but the fact that it unlocked with a moving video is scary.

Thoughts on this folks?


Hate to say it but even high end security systems can be fooled with a photo, so it’s not just phones. Apple and a few other companies that used facial depth recognition were the only ones that were more secure, but still jackable with higher resolution pictures


Apple is better than Samsung in face lock with its Face ID using the TrueDepth camera designed to resist spoofing by photos or masks and makes a facial map. It sort of creates a depth map and infrared pic into a unique pattern and then compares it to the enrolled facial map.

Though I never really liked the face unlock option, finger print scanner / unlock is the convenient method. May be pair it with face unlock.


Think I will stick with my S7 hubby has a newer phone than me I can’t get used to it lol


That doesn’t sound like it will become an even bigger problem as time ticks by. :thinking::wink:

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I have convinced myself I don’t need a new phone haha real reason can’t afford it can’t justify it need the money to buy nappies and baby stuff hahahahaha :rofl::rofl::yum:


Glad I went with the iPhone Xs :tongue:


All the new iPhones have been hacked with fhd photos, which is why I only do plus fingerprint… I don’t do face recognition… Mainly cos 80% of the time it don’t work.

With Samsung’s new ultrasonic fingerprint reader, reading ridges rather than an image.of.your.prints is a lot better.

However, I also have other settings, set!

“Touch wood”, I haven’t lost or misplaced a phone yet. I have gone out a couple times n left it at home, but that’s it, since 1993 (my.first mobile phone).

I still haven’t broken one either, but have dropped a couple times but always with a case on
I usually have my phone in my belt puch, which is weather proof, and knock proof (well padded).


Did you get your S10? I got mine early on Wednesday :+1: and this phone rocks

@MacBlank I’m quite proud that I’ve never broken a phone either. I’ve mostly dropped them on carpet with a case so nothing to really harm it.

I’m just used to using my fingerprint or a 6 digit passcode as it’s second nature for me can’t be doing with all the face unlock stuff.


The first thing I bought my wife for here phone
and tablet was a sturdy case!

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Did you get s case with it? And you getting the buds?

Sadly I have to wait til Monday to get mine, unless I get a message tomorrow? I doubt it mind.

You’ll have to pm all the changes n settings I’ll need to adjust.

I got Amazon prime, and a case on reserve, otherwise, I have my belt puuch.

No I did not get a case for it. I usually have them ‘naked’.

And yes I claimedy earbuds. It says I will get them the week of March 18th. I’m really excited for those!

You gonna love this phone man :+1: @MacBlank

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That’s scary! What’s the point Samsung?

iPhones are the same.

Until face unlock uses biometric data in a true 3d manner, it will always be “fooled” by an matching[1] image of you. This is why I stick to PINs n fingerprint.

As above, is why Samsung have gone for 3d reading of your fingerprint.

So long as the photo used is the same as the image stored, it can’t be a random photo of you.

yeh saw that the other day… pretty freaky… theres no point of face unlock then…

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Fingerprint may be a more secure option

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Haha, this is why you get an iPhone. The depth face mapping prevents this. Also, it’s for more accurate.

And that system has been proven to be faulty too, use if high resolution photos can fool it as can someone with similar facial features

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Ahem. It uses depth sensors. It must have depth… Unless someone gets a high definition 3d plaster of my face they can’t get into my phone.

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