The Rise of the Hybrid | PowerCore+ 19000 PD

Once upon a time, charging and connectivity accessories served only a single purpose. No matter how well-equipped they were to serve the task at hand, users required a veritable arsenal of gear to meet their mobile needs.

By combining our signature technologies in new and exciting ways, the mad scientists at Anker have been busy cooking up specimens the likes of which the mobile world has never seen before. Mobile accessories capable of replacing an entire bag full of chargers and hubs.

Enter…the Hybrid.

PowerCore+ 19000 PD Hybrid is our first portable charger to combine high-speed charging for all your devices with seamless USB connectivity.

This creature features 2 USB-A ports: 1 with PowerIQ 2.0 and 1 with the original PowerIQ charging technology. There’s also a 27W USB-C Power Delivery port, enabling PowerCore to charge phones, tablets, laptops, and more.

But to really reveal what lurks within the Hybrid’s DNA, you need to connect to your computer and switch into Hub Mode. Watch as PowerCore is transformed into a high-speed hot-swapping data and accessory station, allowing you to plug in everything from flash drives to Internet dongles and wireless mice.

This portable charger comes equipped with 2 USB-A ports featuring Anker’s signature PowerIQ high-speed charging technology, along with a 27W USB-C Power Delivery port to charge phones, tablets, laptops, and more.

The Hybrid’s deceptively compact body also contains immense power—19,000 mAh to keep your smartphone running for a week. That’s also enough to charge a MacBook from 0% to full power.

If you dare to release the Hybrid upon the world (or at least, upon your computer bag, backpack, or briefcase), we’re giving you, our community fans, the first shot. Use the secret arcane rite (erm, discount code) below to get 20% off; now a fans-only exclusive.

The rise of the Hybrid may not threaten human life as we know it, but the stock charger and third-party hub population may have cause for alarm.

Click below for more details, fans, and as always: Power On!

PowerCore+ 19000 PD Hybrid Portable Charger
Regular price: $129.99
Deal price: $103.99
Code: HYBRID13
Code valid date: Now-March 10th, 2019


Awesome and clever idea! If (or with how things are progressing, more likely when) I had a USB-C device I’d probably snag one. This is perfect for those trips to the cafe when I go to study and need both the USB port and a charger.


Nice. We love testing? :joy:


:laughing: We didn’t involve this product in we love testing program.


Yeah, I know. I’m hoping :joy: :crossed_fingers:


:bow: Next level stuff, guys. Nice work!


Very nice device and some real innovation from the team. Love it.

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I would give this post a like if I didn’t JUST buy the 10000PD…it happens all the time. I’m just kidding, although I did just buy it and that one looks awesome, but at this point it wouldn’t make any sense with all the devices I have now. 3 ports at first seems a bit much, but when you take into account the clever way in which Anker utilized the C port it does make a 3 port battery pack interesting. If I see a flaw it’s that although it can connect to a computer and transfer data, the only interface is usb a. So why not buy the 7 in 1 or one of those type instead? For that matter why not just put the usb device directly into the computer. I am seriously asking. Does anyone see this as being used much for interface or mostly as a charger?

Sweet…might have to keep my eyes open for this one when it hits the UK market :slight_smile:

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I like it, but dang that cost is too much imo


Totally agree.

Looks good, be nice to try n review

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That’s a game changer right there! I reckon it’ll be getting featured on the multiple YouTube channels shortly.

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This is called innovation. May be the price is high but as we go along should go lower. Also, wish there are couple more USB’s as this can be used as a hub.

This is great! Good discount, nice size battery with PD & hub mode… I like it! I’ll wait for the 26,800 to come out… My needs have expanded out to bigger batteries as everyone is always trying to bum a charge off of me!


absolutely agree

We love testing but I don’t love FB

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Congrats to the @AnkerOfficial team on this exciting launch!

This is very innovative and moving in the right direction and staying with the curve. I too would like to see a few more USB ports (USB C preferably).

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@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical

You should add some built in storage to this device. Just put like a 128gb micro SD card. That would be a mice touch.

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MEOW that is what I’m talking about. adding memory makes it more useful to me instead of just a data interface. Like adding a memory card slot that can be upgraded to 256gb or more… Nice!