The Nintendo Classic Edition

It’s BACK … the Nintendo from the old days! Only it’s smaller and plays 30 classics via HDMI. Anyone get it yet? I’d love to buy one but the shortness of the controller cable won’t work with my crazy family.


I was really excited to get it but I couldn’t order it on time!

I heard that’s been a real issue. Nintendo amped up the product, had no idea how many to make, now we can’t get it. Just like the old days, huh?

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Argh. I wanted one as did one of my sisters. Is it out of stock already then? :frowning:

I’m tempted to get one. It does look rather cool, and well priced

This brings back memories! Unfortunately, it’s been out of stock everywhere I looked.

Out of stock everywhere, but I am determined to find one soon. It will be so nice not having to blow into the game cartridges to get the games to work like the old days…

Certainly brings back a few memories, even though it’s kind of a ‘mini me’ version :grin:

Yeah short controller kills this for me. If you’re gonna do it, do it right.

I have to agree on this, it’s mini all around. Small console, short cables.

Funny thing was it had nothing to do with blowing on the cartridge, but more so to do with the pin connection the cartridge goes into. Over time those pins just lose contact resulting in bad game. I replaced my NES with new pin connection and it was like having a brand new NES, it was GREAT!!!

Has anyone got their hands on the “New” Nintendo system?

Overall, I’ve heard it’s a pretty big flop. Could be a fun little evening with friends and family over the holidays (Sitting on the ground in front of the TV because the cords are too short).

Walmart releases them at 4pm CST everyday, but macros/bots are buying them all?

I just wanted to get everyone’s opinions on the new system! Cheers!


Still cannot find one in the stores. I did notice they are all over EBAY at triple the price. No thanks! Oh well… I will just wait until the stores restock after Christmas and pick one up.

When the PSTV came out, it failed at an incredible rate. Within a month it went from like $149 down to $99, and then quickly to $49, then $25, then ripped off shelves. It was like a PS Vita but Sony gave up on it as soon as they released it, pretty much! It had the capability to play PS4 games given that you had a PS4 nearby.

I see Hatchimals being snatched like wildfire … they’re like Furbies from the 90’s. Can grab one off eBay for $100+ because they’re so hot right now. I haven’t played the NES Classic yet, and I may not for a while, but I think it’s SUPER cool that Nintendo made that as a great nostalgic reminder of what great games are like. :slight_smile:

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