The next iPhone reportedly scans your face instead of your finger!

Rumormongers have long claimed that Apple might include face recogition in the next iPhone. Bloomberg sources understand that the new smartphone will include a depth sensor that can scan our face with uncanny levels of accuracy and speed.

It reportedly unlocks our device inside of “a few hundred milliseconds,” even if it’s laying on flat of a table. Unlike the iris scanner in the Galaxy S8, you wouldn’t need to hold the phone close to your face. The 3D is said to improve security, too, by collecting more biometric data than Touch ID and reducing the chances that the scanner would be fooled by a photo.

The leakers claim that Apple ultimately wants us to use face recognition instead of Touch ID. Does that sound good to you? How do you feel about facial-recognition technology? Is it truly a massive improvement over passcodes and fingerprint scanners? Let us know your opinion in the comments below! :sunglasses:

Source: Bloomberg
Coverage: AppleInsider


This sounds very cool. However, one of my banking apps offers facial recognition and it is very difficult to get it to work at night. I would still prefer to have Touch ID as a backup option!


Judging from a number of posts on the MacRumors forum I can see Apple facing quite a backlash if they try to phase in facial recognition over Touch ID, not to mention how it will impact on using Apple Pay. On the whole it sounds cool but I think I would prefer to rely on my fingerprints…

Worth a look for some of comments :laughing:;

My favs so far are;

“What if we use our iPhone in the night and if we have a black skin ? ;(”

"Honest question: aren’t facial features much easier to replicate than fingerprints?

I mean, if I steal Bill Gates phone and I rush to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum would i gain access to his bank accounts by taking a selfie with his statue ?"

This is a winner based on how Apple made the news over the FBI wanting access to someones phone :grinning:

“So…if the police have your phone and want to unlock it they just point it at your face now?”


It would have been really cool if they could have figured out how to embed it into the display. Apparently, it was slower and less accurate than before. I’m still not completely sold that there won’t be one, though. What’s the longer power button for?!

Also I think that by 2020 we will have phones with all display covering the front and they’ll find a way to put the cameras sensors and speaker underneath the display. Now that would look high-tech.

What does everyone think they are going to call the next flagship iPhone. Personally, I think they’ll go with something like iPhone Pro… Haven’t heard that one, have ha?!

To Anker: it seems as though you are paying close attention to the rumors and leaks of the next iPhones. Hopefully that means you’ve heard that they are going to support wireless charging and fast charging (via a USB-C to Lightning cable). Apple’s solutions for both of these are not widely believed to come included in the box, and knowing Apple, they’ll probably charge a fortune for them. I suspect there will be a lot of demand for more affordable options from Anker! Hopefully you’ve already started developing (at least some) of those accessories!



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It probably will. I’m sure Apple has thought of that. Whether it be via a ‘Retina Flash’ or something else - perhaps these 3D cameras have night vision -, I bet they’ve got you (and everyone else) covered.

However, knowing Apple, they likely won’t even open up that tech to developers for a couple years or so.

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Hhmmm, possibly not based on this leap they made :grimacing:

but they do tend to focus more on iPhone so who knows :laughing:


Wouldnt a infrared flash invisible to us take care of the dark skin/ night problem?

I personally am all for facial recognition. It was something some apps made lots of money on only being somewhat of a game now that they really function is exciting.

And if cops wanted to just point it at your face to unlock they can also simply grab your hand and unlock with your finger, so that is somewhat of a bizarre theory. Why be afraid to show a cop/ anyone whats on your phone in the first place.


There are some good points! I would like to try new facial recognition, and I also think if Apple could also keep these two functions in the next phone, it would be brilliant!:heart_eyes:


I am all for innovation and new ways of doing things. The only worry for me is honestly the lights around you that might affect the convenience of face recognition. I do not see a face recognition technology so advanced being on a phone for a little bit longer (unless they actually manage to do it, which will drive up the price of the phone significantly).

As someone who played around with the S8’s facial recognition, I was impressed to see the phone unlock really quickly, but the feature struggled in low light settings.

For a phone to match your face in both light settings with such precision that it is deemed safer than fingerprints is something that can take time to fully complete.

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