The New USB Standard Has Arrived!

USB-C is here to stay. As the reality sinks in, companies are scrambling over one another in a mad dash to incorporate the newest iteration of the omnipresent connector. Naturally, we’ve been leading the charge since the very beginning.

From multi-directional power, to reversible connectors, to massively increased voltage output, USB-C gives us a lot to be excited about.

The problem arises when manufacturers, hurrying to adopt the USB-C, rush products onto the market that are under-tested, out-of-spec—sometimes even downright dangerous.

USB-C technology supports ten times the voltage of the previous generation, making safety and quality standards that much more important. Luckily, not only does Anker have that sweet sweet MultiProtect 11-point safety system, but all of our USB-C gear is precisely optimized to give you the most bang for your Power Delivery buck.

By now you must be thinking to yourself, I sure do wish Anker would have a big sale on USB-C chargers and cables.

Well, call us mind readers because your wish has been granted.

First up is PowerPort Speed 1.

A sleek, slimline design makes PowerPort Speed 1 the obvious new addition to your MacBook bag. Hard-wearing matte finish, glossy exterior, cool blue LED—charging has never been so sexy.

Oh wow, you think, but Anker, you must have thought to include a portable charger!

Cue PowerCore+ 20100.

Recommended by Time magazine. With two USB 3.0 charging ports and one optimized USB-C port, fully charge your family’s devices simultaneously—whether you’re at home, on vacation, or in your secret evil lair. PowerCore doesn’t judge.

But Anker, what are chargers without cables?

Like a bird without wings, my friend.

Make way for PowerLine and PowerLine+.

Some of the most durable cables ever created, proven to last 5x longer. Charge phones and tablets with flawless compatibility and (reversible!) fit, or transfer at knock-your-socks-off speeds—100 songs every 5 seconds.

Anker, what are the details on this sale?

From now through July 16th, get up to 30% off! Just follow our links to click over to Amazon, and give your USB-C device its perfect complement.

USB-C’ya later!

(28% OFF) PowerPort Speed 1
Valid Country: US only
Valid Time: July 11th-July 16th
No code required

(20% OFF) PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C
Valid Country: US, CA, UK, DE
Valid Time: July 11th-July 16th

(20% OFF) PowerLine USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable (6ft)
Valid Country: US, UK
Valid Time: July 11th-July 16th
Code: ANKER816

(30% OFF) Powerline+ USB-C to USB 2.0 cable (3ft)
Valid Country: US, UK
Valid Time: July 11th-July 16th
Code: ANKER187


No PowerCore+ 26000?! :frowning:


Where was the sale for the 26900 PD? I was up until 2am looking for the sale that would never exist! Why is it unavailable? I was hoping to pay $80 max for it :cry: :cry: :cry:


Had me so excited with the big “Power Delivery Sale” and then I realize it’s 20100 USB-C with no PD.

sad life.


USB-C is the way to go!


Waiting for:

  • 60W output USB-PD chargers with 30W input USB-PD. Currently your most powerful is half that.
  • 30W USB-PD output in smaller portable chargers.
  • these very high prices for USB-PD to drop. There is a USB-PD premium still.

Same, thats what I really need


2-port wall chargers?


The current maximum is 40W wall charger. Would be interesting to see it that could be increased without it falling out the wall.


and yet [quote=“AnkerOfficial, post:1, topic:52746”]
(20% OFF) PowerCore+ 20100 USB-CValid Country: US, CA, UK, DEValid Time: July 11th-July 16thCode: USBCCORE

Is not USB-PD

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My point exactly…stated a few comments above

it was a brief moment of excitement that went away just as quickly LOL

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Thinking a bit more about this, if they made a 60W USB-PD charger with 2 ports, then if you used 1 of the 2 ports it gets all the 60W but if you used both then they each got 30W. Indeed, if they could basically fight over the 60W total budget then two empty devices would end up with 30W each as then as one of then begins to get full and reduces its draw, the balance could go up for the other device.

Then a 4 port 60W version.

These could then be the USB-C equivalents of the Powerport2 and Powerport4.

Probably the 4 port needs one or two of the 4 ports non-USB-C for the Anker earbuds we seem to be sold which are MicroUSB still :persevere:


Hey my friends, we’ve changed the blog name so we’re not getting people’s hopes up, but not to worry because you can keep an eye out for more power delivery deals in the future.:grin:


I’ve added two Powerline+ cables as per the link (UK), when I’ve added the code ANKER187 - I get an error saying -

There was a problem
The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

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I just tried, the 6ft code doesn’t work.

I just tried 3ft code works.

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Looking forward to USB-C becoming the standard, well done to Anker for helping this and being on top of the USB-C curve! :slight_smile:


I need some USB C ports. My data transfers are waaaaay too slow -_- Time for an upgrade! :smiley:


More mobil and desktop type c hub options would be great. Perhaps with more then one type c connection.