The “new” Referrals page

So the new referral aspect of the community is cool and definitely a needed change, but there is a problem with it in my opinion. I’m US based and right now and for about as long as I’ve been looking the same 4 products have been on the page aka the ones we are supposed to be referring people to buy. Eufy outside camera system, an Eufy indoor stand alone camera, and 2 projectors. Granted these are great products but when we are trying to refer, introduce, people to the community the first thing you don’t want to send them is a link to buy some of the most expensive products these companies make. I know it’s a work in progress I’m just suggesting that maybe you let us refer them to anything and set different amounts of points or whatever #Anker wants to use. This way they can start small, like most of this community probably did, then once they experience what it’s like to own, use and be supported by #Anker. Just a thought.


I agree. I can’t get anyone to refer for multiple reasons.

First off the cost. As you stated, they don’t want their first anker product to be the most expensive one anker makes.

Secondly I don’t own any of those products. I don’t feel honest referring people for products I don’t own…


Agreed hopefully once the new year rolls around.

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I think they should put cheaper items and other more simple products (chargers or cables) just so we can introduce them to Anker

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That’s exactly what I said…


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I wasn’t trying to be an Ahole. I was just saying that yea I agree and I didn’t feel like listing the cheaper products cause I’m lazy lol.

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Since the page released, I had the same thoughts! I still can’t get referrals. I know I’m sending people via my links but, when they first these expensive products and usually the Anker products they are know for they leave the site and go to Amazon to buy what they are looking for.

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Is there still an #Anker mod on this forum? Like @AnkerOfficial?

There are two mods. ndalby and TechnicallyWell

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Lol you good man :+1:

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Ndalby got promoted to mod? Nice

I completely agree with you. Understand that the room for compensation for the less expensive items isn’t really there, but points or a monthly and/or quarterly freebie item (something small like a cable) for the highest referrer might help. Introduce more people to Anker to have the confidence to procure the higher value items.

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So it is a little more than 6 months to the day that I posted this about the “New” Referrals page. It still has not changed. @AnkerOfficial is this project being scraped or…? If you are keeping it, which I would enjoy, could you please, please, please, change the products that the links go to? Nebula Capsules and Eufy secuirty cameras are not a great starting point for new customers being introduced to the #Anker brand. Something more like a the Wakey, Flare, or a Power Bank would be less “intimidating”.


Let me talk to our referral team again about this suggestions!

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