The New Powerline III

Here is my personal review of the Anker Powerline III Lightning Cable.

I have been using multiple versions of the Anker Cable including the 1st generation, 2nd gen and the Powerline Plus (+). Anker has been my referral for many friends and family members. I think I have bought 20+ Anker cables so far (people asked me to buy for them). I also have tried cables with various lengths (3, 6 and 10ft).

Here is my assessment of the cable:

Appearance: The new cable has a similar shape design like the Powerline II. You would not confuse it with other brand. The design is typical of a Anker cable. The new generation has a groove texture at both ends of the cable. It should help with the handling of the cable. Plugging in and pulling out should be easy with that new texture.

The thickness of the cable is the same as a Powerline II (with the same length). The longer version is thicker for better transmission (I supposed).

The lightning head of the cable was identical to the Apple head. I guess Anker had to buy directly from them as part of Apple MFi program. This would help with compatibility and no “incompatible” notice from iOS devices when using Anker cable. The USB-A head was built of good quality material. It should be good as per my experience with Anker Cables.

One thing I have to point out is the shortness of the Anker Cable compared with apple iPhone cable. Anker cable (3ft version) is about 10cm (3.3inch) shorter compared to the Apple 3ft cable.

The cable lightning head is little bigger compared to the Powerline II. I guess this would reinforce the durability of the cable.

Usage : I was using this cable to charge iPhone, iPad. It charged normally as it should. As I got plenty of cables. Nothing was out of ordinary. IT JUST WORKS. The cable head is bigger than the original Apple cable. This requires bigger opening if you are using a case for your devices.

Competition: I think Anker has to outdone itself in this 3rd party cable world. The Powerline II was pretty good and the Powerline III brings some improvement to the similarity of Anker cable design. This promise another success to the “normal” cable of Anker.


+ Similar good design with some improvements.

+ MFi parts promised to deliver Apple quality. “It just works”!.

- Shorter than the original Apple cable (3ft version).
Below is some snapshot of the cable compared to Apple and other version of Anker lightning Cables


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Great job on the review @NTran!

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@NTran, this is a great review however it should be noted that Apple does not sell a 3 foot cable or any cable measured in feet for that matter. Their cables are measured in meters which means they will be slightly longer as 3 feet is 36 inches and a meter is 39.37 inches (or 100cm). This is absolutely expected as they are measured in different units.

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Great review, thank you!

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Nice review!! Thanks for adding pictures!!

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