The new 5-in-1 Premium Anker hub

My initial thoughts were how good looking and slim the Hub actually is. I was expecting it to be much larger but this makes it great for traveling and throwing it into my bag for when I’m on the go to University. Its very durable so I don’t need to worry about it being damaged in my back full of books

The Hub is extremely beneficial for myself as I have a MacBook Pro and being able to connect my devices to the MacBook makes life so much easier as it only has USB-C ports. If you have you any sort of laptop with these ports then this Hub is great for you

The hub is really easy to use and no setup is required. Just take it out the box and plug it in to the Laptop and you’re ready to go

I use the Hub mainly for connecting my wireless mouse, keyboard and phone. I also use the hub to connect my printer and share my screen via HDMI cable to my tv. It all works really well but I have noticed a little lag in the wireless mouse when all ports are being used on the Hub but this is not a major issue.

It would be great if there were more ports to allow more connectivity but the size of the Hub makes it the best option for everyday use and traveling.

Overall, really impressed with this stylish feather weight device

Highly recommended!!

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Great review! Photos on Instagram look professional grade, :thumbsup:

Awesome review, thanks!