The need for a dash cam just got real!

So me and my wife got off work today and was headed to the bank. The bank is in a one way street so when my wife went to turn, this car driving the wrong way drove right at her, she stopped and layed on the horn. The other driver threw his hands up and got out of the car and aproached my wife’s drivers side yelling and screaming.

I was in the passenger seat reclined because I had a massive headache, when I heard the comotion I looked up and instantly got defensive and coincidentally pissed. I opened the passenger door and stepped out, the deranged driver saw me opening the door and came charging at me. That was until I stepped out of the car and yelled what his problem was. Now I’m no small person and I think I took him by surprise when I screamed at him what his problem was. At this point a bunch of people from the bus terminal across the street was watching and someone from his car screamed at him to get back in the car. I taunted him briefly and he backed away saying he didn’t want any trouble, I yelled back that it was OK for him to go all psycho on my wife but once he saw me he backed down. It just made me even madder, I threw my shoulders forward like I was gonna go after him and he ran back to his car.
Luckily at this point a cop showed up and asked what was going on, stupidly the guy tried to run almost hitting the cop in the process. He didn’t get far as another officer pulled up just in time in front of the driver and he was promptly arrested. The cop questioned us and asked to give a statement along with the people who saw what was going on. Almost an hour later we got to head home.

On the drive home I had to calm my wife because she was shaken up and scared, had I not been with her what could have happened. At that point she told me I need to buy her a dash cam, so come next Friday, funds permitting I will be ordering her one. Couldn’t order one today as I just payed rent.

Folks it’s a scary world we live in and any sense of security that can provide verifiable proof is an asset. Stay safe out there.


@AnkerOfficial any deals coming up for the dash cam that can help offset some cost?

How sure are you a dash cam would have been pointed at the direction to see it all, because often a mano’a’mano to the side is often off-camera as the oncoming vehicle problem is usually in USA to the left or right not head on.

This is why an on-body camera to show you were reasonable in your response is what the cops are wearing, to point to at your direction.

Hope your headache gone.

Well a dash cam would have recorded the driver, his car and that he was in the wrong in a one way street as well as him getting out of the car yelling and screaming. Anything from there is subjective I guess. I just know that I am glad we drove to work together today. And no my headache is still here, more of a migraine now

Unplug, dark quiet room. No Anker community.

Or I’ll wack you with my broom

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Ugh, you sound like my wife… :runner:

I’ve been become more passive since I’m older married with kids. At the end of the day anything can happen because this world is no longer safe and road rage has resulted in more confrontation and even worse death. I just tell myslef it’s not worth it and move on. At the end of the day my car is material and that’s y I pay for auto insurance. I can replace my car but not me…not worth it.

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And about your migraine…I’m from California…medicinal 420 :wink:helps me with my headaches(migraines, kids, wife) :wink:

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Nah I’m good on that, sleep works for me. Thanks though

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No not true.

The world is getting safer every generation. True there are hot spots and riskier places and times but in general on average the world is getting safer.

What is happening is mostly the unseen, instead of dying on farmland in a farming mechanical machinery accident or in a factory or from lung failure from dust, you’re mostly dying old in nursing homes or at home and none see that apart from usually women who care. The urbanization, TV and proximity is making the event you didn’t see into one you do see.

Also bear in mind in a democracy, the candidate who says the world is better is not voted for, the one who says it is bad and you need to vote for them to make it better is voted for, given also news is paid for via commercials a really bad world makes the few richer.

I do 3 things differently:

  • I do not watch USA TV. USA TV makes the world appear worse than it really is. The billions of small acts of generous gentle kindness is no-news and the few bad incidents are broadcast widely, with the “messages from our sponsors”.

  • I do not drive. My getting about is via bike, I have beautiful sunsets and sunsets and rides with the dears and squirrels and the blossoms and now in winter the smell of wet earth and green.

  • I pick where I live, who I work for to avoid issues. That takes decades.

Shoot an arrow and walk to it where it lands. Repeat. Life is a journey not a destination.

If USA had to one thing different is to become Canada. Debate, disagree, less guns and less negative angst.

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A dash cam is no good if the person brakes your wife’s window, you should get her firearms trading and a 9mm handgun. In most states as soon as the car is breached you can use force to defend yourself. For $499 you can get her a Glock 23 with 15 round magazine. Also be wary that that guy could hunt you down and you may need to defend yourself in the coming future, stay frosty @elmo41683

Wrong my dude, cops are NOT sworn to protect the people, they keep the peace. By the time they arrive, you would have already bled out because some guy with and automatic rifle just shot you 12 times in your home. Having something as basic as a $300 shotgun is enough to deter someone. The sound of loading a shotgun round and cocking the firearm will cause panic in almost any criminal. Buckshot will make any intruder into Swiss cheese 10ft away

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I appreciate the response. Handgun training is viable in the future but for now it’s not an option. I do agree with @namroc22 that avoiding situations is much better. Just some things cannot be avoided. My wife is calm now and we did discuss
Things we/she can do in the future should something happens. But she is adamant about getting the dash cam now, so to ease that part of her mind we will look into that come next payday.

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glad to see you’re rested and better.

The older you get the more you gather evidence to form opinions, and run away from those with opinions who are still gathering evidence.


life is short…enjoy it to fullest…you only live once…guns just make situations more complicated

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Wow! Sorry to hear that you and your wife had to go thru that. In this day and age, you never know what is going to set people off. I agree with you, a Dashcam will be a wise decision. If nothing else, for your own piece of mind or scare tactic for the guilty. I don’t blame your wife for being shaken up by it. I would be too. I have my C1 in my car currently. Most of the time, I forget it’s even there but I feel better knowing that it is there when I need it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Nhi , @nigelhealy , @namroc22 , @cdarienzo1

Glad everything turned out okay for you guys… a dash would have a been a really good thing to have during that situation. As for me, I always keep a pocket knife within arms reach just in case and a cup full of pennies to throw at people who try to cut me off… :grin:

Thanks Andrew, and I always have my knife on me too. But that’s a situation I prefer to leave alone with no weapons involved

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Wow Rob :rage: proper scary stuff to have some muppets acting like this and even scarier to to witness them doing it to your wife. Glad it all turned out in the end of course and hope you can pick one up soon fella. Best wishes buddy.

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