The Mystery Box is on sale at

A lot of things for a reasonable price.


this is an awesome deal!

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Sweet discount thanks for sharing!

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That’s a great deal, thanks @Chiquinho

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ThatS half the of what we pay here in the UK


I know they had it on sale in US at one point and it was on sale for 20 dollars less.

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Wow cracking savings over what we pay.

I was thinking it was gonna be an actual Anker mystery box - which would’ve been class :muscle:t2:
I remember buying mystery boxes from firebox as Christmas present - more of a novelty but good received were always in excess of price paid (good way to reduce unsold stock)

@AnkerOfficial would you ever consider this?

Great deal!!! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Aw man, too bad I missed that :cry:

That doesn’t sound right… I think you may be mistaken.

It was on sale for $79.99 back in May with a discount, I remember it well as I had gifted it

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thanks for sharing

It was on sale for 79.99 with a 30 dollar off coupon, I remember because it was also the lowest price for sale in the UK @49.99 at the time

Lol I misread @Duane_Lester post :rofl:. I thought it said it was on sale for $20 total :joy:

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Hope there will be such a great mystery box this year for those who earned it.
I dont know if I do.
The most items of the box I gave to my son who is a customer of ANKER/EUFY now.
He bought a “Willy” :slight_smile: 11S
Only the cable USB is left here.
Really shining between all others connected to the family charger.

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My wife confiscated the life 2 headphones as she said they were super comfy. The battery pack is packed for when we travel and the headphone cable is used daily by one of us. so it’s been great.

And yes I too hope I can get one this year, it would be amazing if it happens. Hope you get one too

That’s the usual way Rob.
We “earn” that presents, but we have to donate those.
But of course we like to share those things as usual. :wink:

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I lost mine too to the other half :man_shrugging:t2:

But like the saying happy wife happy life :yum:

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Yes indeed, happy wife happy home