The little "Gulliver"

What I nice tiny speaker I got yesterday.
I won it at Power Draw.
Thank you ANKER.

The package is OK, BUT PLEASE ANKER
change those ugly plastic covers
to more eco-friendly ones.
Our descendants will say thank you, indeed.

Pairing :

Easy as usual, even with LINUX MINT!


Of course I can not really compare the sound of this dwarf with other speakers I own.
You might not expect a real audiophile adventure when listing to it.
But this is not the intention of that tiny speaker.
There are other SOUNDCORE speakers which will satisfy you by incredible sound and power.

The reviewers at were talking about missing bass.
Doing some adjustments at the eq, I managed it to be more bassy.


Now its really great, I am more than satisfied.
A perfect adjustable eq helps a lot, do not forget this whenever talking about speaker’s sound.

Conclusion : BRAVO ANKER/SOUNDCORE good job!


Oh, I know, so please, I am not guilty at all : USB mini
But may be the next generation will have.

The usual covering (flap) is well known meanwhile.
Nothing to say about.

The dwarf is a real unskilled baby, so he can not stand upright well.
I added some tiny “crutches”.

Measurements and Weight:

I would summarize it is really a nice supply when going outside.
IPX6/7 rated, can be attached everywhere.
Because I am an old coward I didn’t try any “drowning” test.
It is incredible small and light weighted.

95 x 76 x 32 mm with a weight of 208g


This little “Gulliver” is perfect for travelling in foreign countries!

Pack the little “Gulliver” in your rucksack, take it with you wherever you want, play & enjoy it.


My daughter came in my “home office” and said:
“What a great sound”.
I showed her the new little “Gulliver”.
I suppose he will be “stolen” soon…


Great review Franz, I like the size of this compared to the flare. But of course I still prefer the flare. This, as you said would be good to toss in my bag and be on my way. Good job


You should do a test Rob.
I really managed it to produce a great sound out of this dwarf.
I would say this tiny speaker is a must for travelling and outdoor use.

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Good review, I haven’t managed to find a lot on this speaker yet.

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Great review franz! Keep up the good work!


Excellent review as usual Franz…for such a small speaker it really does give good sound :slightly_smiling_face:


I remember you wrote a review about this speaker some time ago.
Have you used any eq to improve the sound?

Nice review Franz. I particularly like this one when I’m listening to my rock music :slight_smile:

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Works with Mozart as well Mark.
Or should I try “Roll over Beethoven”? :grinning:

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Thanks for the review!!

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You have the icon mini? I really want it… I hope I win it hehehe

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Great review @Chiquinho :clap: Awesome catchy title. In comparison to Flare, Icon Mini is Lilliput :slight_smile:

Sound is really good, for the size. I tested equalizer seeing your posts, I tested it from Boom audio app on iPhone and I do see a difference / Improvement Using equalizer in Audio output.

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I use mini to hear Trance in my study while working on designs, or while we go to picnic / beach… An excellent speaker for its size!


Ja indeed, with an equalizer you can do so much improve of the sound.

But unfortunately many users do ignore
or just use such stupid ones as
“more bass”, “less bass” etc.

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Why not the soundcore equalizer app?

Take look at this eq.


Does this app offer so many setting?
I don’t think so.

There is NO app for LINUX mint. :wink:
But there is no need for such an app at all.

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Ahh, Linux mint. Love that OS. I really need to switch…

Icon Mini is not supported in Soundcore App, same for Flare Mini

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Do it!
Not only words, deeds! :smiley: