The left speaker is a little weird compared to the right one

(First of all, sorry my poor english. I’m brazilian)

Hello! I’m new here on the forum. I just take a Soundcore Motion + and realized that the quality of the right speaker is slightly better than the left one. While the left side squeaky a little, the right side is softer. You can only see this up close, but the distance may affect the overall quality of the audio. this is normal? Or is it a problem with my product.

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Ola amigo, tudo bem?

Podemos falar em Portugues, mas os outros nao vai entender muito.
Por isso vamos falar Ingles. :wink:

Have you tried to change the change left <-> right channel, vice and versa?
Is it still the same?
Make sure you have the latest firmware.

If this doesnt help contact the support.

um grande abraco e fica com boa saude

Opa, pelo seu nome imaginei que pudesse ser brasileiro haha :smile:

Trocar o canal esquerdo com o direito? Como eu faço isso
E de acordo com o app ele está na ultima versão (36.38)

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Sou alemao mas falo um poquinho Portugues,
Tu estas usar Windows?
Eu nao conheco Windows muito meb,
Mas poderias de procurar no internet (Google)

“How to swap stereo channels Win10”

Encontrei algumas guias la.

PS: Gostas de neve?
Temos bastante aqui em Munique.:grin:

Thats cool! :slight_smile:
Yes, I use Windows. I will search! Tks

Another question… I noticed that this sound box have a good bass, but to watch films the people voices sounds low… is there a equalizer config that make it better? Maybe more balanced with the effect souds

PS: I have never saw snow but i would like to know. Maybe one day :raised_hands:

There are many equalizers around and I would say as human ears and hearing abilities are differing so much, there is no special configuration.
You really should play around with a lot.

By the way no more snow here, all gone.
Detected some little flowers today in our garden.
Snowdrops in English

Nao sei como se chama em Portugues, talvez “gotas de neve”

Um bom fim de semana.
E fique aqui, tu vais gostar realmente.
Nao falamos sobre alto-falantes so. :smiley:

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