The last charger you'll ever need: Anker 24W Dual USB PowerPort 2 PowerIQ

All the reviews I read about this amazing charger linked it to the perfect travel companion. Well, I bought it for a trip. where I had an iPhone 6, an iPad Air 2 and a Kobo eReader to charge on the two-week vacation. It was my first time with a fast charger, so I wasn’t aware of how fast it was. When the time came that everyone else freaked out about incompatible plugs and long charging times, I offered my Anker charger to the rescue. “But when you’ll charge your things?” Worry not, I said, it has two USB plugs. “There’s no time to top my phone battery before leaving!” Let’s leave it charging while we take breakfast, you’ll see.

In the end, the little white brick handled about 20 devices being charged two by two every morning and evening. Everyone forgot about the chargers they had and just used it - my sister had three chargers for her devices that left her bag only once.

The one thing most reviews got wrong was the “travelling” part, in which they say it can replace several chargers with only one. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy fast charging using only one wall plug at home. The Anker charger is my every-time charger now, for everything that can be charger by USB. I don’t even think about the chargers that originally came with my devices - to be honest, I don’t even remember where I left them.

All that for a price lower than most impulse buys we made day-by-day! I once found all the money I would need to buy it in loose coins in my wife’s purse! If you don’t have one already, break your piggy bank and do it.