The july diaries | must haves for summer vacation

Summer, the most beautiful season of the year…yeah, right. I spent most of July at home, alone, cause it’s freaking HOT here. I’m just trying to convince myself that I actually had a great time. LOL. So, I pulled together some of the MUST haves of this summer, some of which I just recently purchased and found a really amazing distraction from the absolutely oppressive heat.

1.SoundCore 2 Bluetooth Speaker

A 24-hour / 500-song playtime makes it possible to listen all day and all night. I can really use it to the fullest during a vacation. I can jam to my favorite music all day long, and it goes perfect with my workout.

2.PowerPort 4

It’s become a trend that a lot of electronic products come with only a charging cable. I was annoyed with always having to dig around my room looking for a USB charger. iPhone, iPad, Kindle, SoundCore 2 ::wink:: — everything needs power. Ever since getting [PowerPort 4]((, all my charging problems at home seem to be solved. Just wish I had bought it earlier.

3.Kindle Paperwhite

In total, I read only 1 or 2 books in 2016. Now that I’ve had my Kindle this summer, I’ve finished 6 books in July alone! It’s so convenient to read anywhere in the house. Even though I haven’t really been out anywhere this summer, I feel like I’ve been to many places and met many new people.

4.Eufy RoboVac 11

Last but not least: a helpful robot, cleaning my house with a click of a button. Versatile cleaning modes and a low-profile design facilitate cleaning under tables, chairs and every nook and cranny. Now I don’t need to do so much vacuuming myself! Thanks, RoboVac.

Have you been enjoying your summer? Are you spending a lot of time at home like me? Have you bought anything this summer that you’d like to recommend? Share with us in the comments!


I want buy a soundcore 2,Soundcore 2 in black is cool
but I perfer Soundcore nano,because it’s so cute,and I like the pink one,I can take it wherever I go

and Anker powercore+ mini,I can easily put it in my pocket,tiny and powerful

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Always wanted to have a bluetooth speaker, and a Vacuum Cleaner robot.

But I have been a bit tight recently.


Which should I consider first :sweat::sweat::sweat:

Maybe a speaker?

Can’t make up my mind yet…

I had PowerCore 5000, good stuff

same thought with you.

The pink one is just so CUTE ! !

I’m gonna check it out !

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Now, I bought a Soundcore 2 not too long ago for my vacation to the Dominican Republic in October BUT, I really wanted the Soundcore Sport XL, unfortunately, I’m on a budget. I do like the Soundcore 2 for the price because I use it for music when I’m cooking but I wanted something more rugged and extra waterproof for the beach and to have poolside. Maybe next time, I just think the Sport XL would be a better option for vacations.

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Yeah lots of fun I am having where I live here in California. :tired_face:


You said it is hot

It is USB powered (doesn’t work in humid conditions as it uses evaporation to cool) but you can plug in your Powercore and cool you almost anywhere but its designed for confined places.

Damn you’re in desert part of California it’s 76 in temescal valley near riverside

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Yeah this is the central valley EVERY year… :rage:

Yikes! I’m in Santa Monica, California and it’s been in the 70s.

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I hear you

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I’m near San Francisco and it varies wildly. Which is perfectly fine, it more decides if we eat indoors, outdoors and what time of day we exercise. Today a little warmer so exercise nearer dark. As a rough guide, look out the window, if see the fog rolling over, then it is 40F cooler in the hills, otherwise it is 20F cooler in the hills. But accept that other places have totally different issues.

From an Anker perspective, this translates into:

  • weekday it is hot = daylight indoors avoiding heat, dark outdoors waiting for indoors to cool enough to then go to bed, so lots of tablets, Chromebooks in the evening
  • weekday it is cold = daylight outdoors as the sun is so strong it makes the coldest day warm, but otherwise indoors.
  • weekend, hot = go to the beach, sit on the beech and take all your gadgets and take lots of Powercores (possibly solar too) and wait til evening
  • weekend, cold = go skiing. So solar (as altitude = UV = solar loves all those high energy photons).

We also end up with lots of solar, Powecores, so when the Grid goes off with the next big Earthquake, we’re perfectly fine. Just more BarBque living off defrosting freezer, then dried, then tinned, waiting for PG&E.

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Where are you based for the freaking hot weather? In the UK our summer seems to consist of 2-3 days or weekends of warm weather if we are lucky. Not even compensated with snow at Christmas :laughing:

I’m one of those nerds still playing Pokemon Go! :smile:
There was a special event this week in the game, so despite the 90+ degree weather, I’ve been outside walking (and baking) in the sun. The Astro E1 has been my companion as it’s still portable enough to keep in my pocket, but has enough capacity for when my friends see me using it and say, “Hey, can I get a charge?”.

that is INSANE

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Although I stopped after 1-2 weeks when it came out, I heard that they are gonna do some legendary pokemon event in chicago first and then to the rest of the world. :slight_smile:


More water resistant products? When it is hot you tend to be with less everything, less clothes, small bag.

A Powercore+ Mini which is waterproof?

A Powercore 10000 which is waterproof?

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I want buy the robovac11 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@TechnicallyWell I carry a USB-C 20100 Power bank in my blue jeans pocket and people look at my like i am crazy. Though I am the one laughing when i can charge my phone for days, literally

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