The honest Soundcore Motion B review from a longtime fan - good, but not enough

Just made my first bluetooth speaker purchase over the weekend using Amazon Prime, and decided to drop my very honest review here about the Soundcore Motion B bluetooth speakers.


I am a new user of Anker products - I have been using my Anker Soundbuds Slim for a long while now and I thoroughly love them - the (build and sound) quality of the product, the full spectrum of earbud and earhook sizes included, and a nifty little earbuds pounch with a nice velvet feel.

I was looking around for a nice little bluetooth speaker and was torn between three choices - the Anker Soundcore 2, the Soundcore Motion B, and the Tribit XSound Go, all of which have many positive (and negative reviews). Let’s face it, the XSound Go was a truly attractive proposition, which (as reviewed) seemed to deliver better sound/bass than the Soundcore 2, and has a longer battery life than the Soundcore Motion B. However, having been so pleased with my previous Anker product, I made the ultimate choice to stick to an Anker product and purchased the Soundcore Motion B - which promises a better sound and bigger bass than it’s earlier Soundcore 2 counterpart - and choosing this product over the Soundcore 2 and Tribit XSoundGo even though it meant that I had to settle for a shorter battery life (Brand loyalty ftw! :smile:)

Build Quality and First Impressions

-Official Anker Soundcore Travel Case-
As always, build quality of Anker products are top notch. I had purchased the Motion B together with the official SoundCore travel case, which was easily one of the most solid (yet light) case I’ve seen. It features a nice hidden zip lining which makes the whole thing look very aesthetically pleasing when zipped, and also comes with a carabiner included.

-The Soundcore Motion B itself-
Packaging of the product was impeccable. Everything was packed neatly and snugly in the packaging box that ensured no movement of the speakers within the box during delivery to prevent damage in transit.
Unpacking the speaker itself, it felt very solid and has a nice matte finish. Honestly, holding the speakers in my hands, they look better than shown in most of the Youtube review videos (bad lighting in the videos perhaps?), felt solid and definitely doesn’t feel like cheap plastic builds of other budget-level bluetooth speakers out there - so happy with everything at this point, Anker really lived up to my expectations of build quality - kudos!
Also, the speaker came ~80-90% charged, which allows me to test out my speakers right away.

Pairing via bluetooth was exceptional. Facile and instant pairing just like my Soundbuds Slim, and connectivity was awesome. I leave my speakers in my room connected to my phone, and the connection was strong and steady even as I walked to the kitchen 10m away, separated by walls/doors.

Sound Quality

Now to the most important part, sound quality.

General: Upon first trying out the speakers with regular pop music and classical strings - I was suitably satisfied with what I heard. General sound quality was pretty decent, no distortion whatsoever at regular volumes (I have not tried it at maximum volume). However, I was somewhat disappointed by the slightly “covered” feeling of the sounds produced - the sounds (regardless of music genre) sound like the speaker was wrapped by an invisible veil/piece of cloth - mind you, it was not muffled, it just didn’t sound very “direct” even with the speakers directly facing me.

Volume: Volume range was wide. The Motion B was able to go REALLY LOUD (that I was worried I’d be annoying neighbours and my housemates at this hour!), as well as really soft (suitable for playing of soothing background music when going to sleep!) - and on this note the Motion B trumps the XSound Go, which was reviewed to be unable to go really soft.

Big Sound, Bigger Bass - does it really give that?
After the initial tests I moved from genre to genre, including orchestral music, jazz and some rock to test the true capabilities of the Motion B. While it handles most trebles really well, when listening to sharper sounds (e.g. hi-hat sounds) through the speaker it sounded really really thin, which was disappointing.
Moving to more complex and bass-y tracks, I found that the speakers handled overlapping sounds pretty decently, and was able to resolve them properly.
However, what was really bothersome to me was the bass. While marketed as a speaker with a big sound (yes I give that to Anker, it is capable of giving a BIG/loud sound, credits to its 2x6W speakers) and bigger bass, the bass was really disappointingly non-existent. I have a big, big issue with the bass and was really sad to find that it just couldn’t deliver the lows and bass as marketed :cry: I also tried using aux-in to test the speakers with some first-person-shooter games (I’ll be realistic here, I’m not expecting much, but it has to at least deliver lows well enough for me to hear footsteps) and was again disappointed in this department. :disappointed:

Overall/Final remarks

My first Anker product made me fall in love with the brand which drove me to stick with the brand and get the Motion B. While the build quality (of the case and the speaker itself) was solid and very pleasing and the volume range awesomely wide, the sound quality was unfortunately/sadly below my expectations, with the “behind a cloth/covered” feeling, the very thin sharp/hi-hat sounds as well as the (very) lacking bass capabilities of this speaker.
Please do not get me wrong, I am not expecting a $100 performance from a $35 speaker. But I was really expecting more than the Motion B has been able to offer me, especially as it has been marketed and poised as a newer/better alternative to the Soundcore 2 and rivalling the Tribit XSound Go.
All in all, probably a satisfactory product, but the lack of richness in the sound quality as described made me kind of sad/feel let down. Good, but not enough. :cry:


A very insightful and comprehensive review which was a joy to read. Bravo sir!

I wish products would stop coming in excessive plastic wrapping though as it’s just wasteful. The box is more than enough for me and doesn’t need to come in plastic bags as well.

Spigen is also guilty of this as well.


Nice review and pics, thans for your honesty words, it’s very important to know how was your experience. Well done!


Great and honest review

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Thanks guys :slight_smile:

@mcgyver15 I don’t mind the plastic covering that it comes with, they can be recycled anyway :slight_smile:

However I do really wish I had (or wonder if I should have) gone a step better for perhaps the Boost or something >.<

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As with all speakers, once they are broken in I’m sure they will sound much better. I have noticed that as I used my flares, they started to sound even better and the bass response got better as the driver loosened up


@qychan I’d definitely earmark the boost as a future purchase. It’s one that I own myself and the difference when you turn the BassUp on and off is definitely noticeable.

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Excellent thorough review @qychan thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

Seconding what @elmo41683 mentioned, the speaker’s sound / tone should improve going forward with regular use…the driver’s often need to be broken in before you get the best possible sounds for the hardware…


Take a look at Flare or Flare+


Thanks for sharing your honest review!


Thanks for the review @qychan.


Good, honest review!

it’s good to read the shortcomings as well as the achievements!


Can the BassUp be turned on and off?
I believe the Motion B should be equipped with BassUp technology as well? If so, how do I turn them on/off?

Thanks in advance!

I am using my Flare now in the middle between
Europa and America.
And what is the typical music I am listening ?
This is a very difficult question I know.
May be Tiago knows, but it is really not easy :slight_smile:
Nao e samba claro mas talvez tu sabes.
( lt is not samba, but may be you know )

Yes, you can enable and disable BassUp on Boost, but not with Motion B…

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@qychan on the SoundCore Boost it has a dedicated BassUp button that can be toggled on and off on top of the speaker.

As @joshuad11 said it can’t be toggled on and off on the Motion B

Great review and pictures. Thanks