The Gift Of Power! 100s of Power Prizes Up For Grabs! 🎁

In one of our BIGGEST events of 2021, we’ve got loads of power prizes to reward Anker fans including chargers, power banks, and more! It’s a three-part giveaway giving you #TheGiftOfPower!

For part 1 of 3, we’ve got a whole bunch of Series 5 charging products up for grabs. Don’t know what Series 5/6/7 are? We got you. Learn more about each series here, but if “you ain’t got time for that”, let us boil it down for you :point_down:

Series 5 contains the perfect power presents for those who have a taste for the finer things in life, like this guy …


Sounds good? Damn right it does. Read on …

:point_right: HOW TO ENTER :point_left:

  1. In the comments below this thread tell us (A) who you’d give #TheGiftOfPower and (B) which Series 5 item you’d give them and why.
  2. Share this thread via the Facebook or Twitter buttons down below and (A) use the hashtag #TheGiftOfPower and (B) tag @AnkerOfficial. BTW the buttons look like this …


:point_right: WHAT YOU CAN WIN :point_left:

The Series 5 prizes up for grabs …

:gift: 10 people will win Anker 511 Charger (Nano Pro - Single Port).

:gift: 10 people will win Anker 521 Charger (Nano Pro - Dual Port).

:gift: Plus, there are over 50 other prizes available here! Including PowerHouse!!

That’s it! Easier than saying “hurry up and give me some free chargers already” (maybe?) :thinking:

Don’t forget, this is just part 1 of 3! As we build up to Christmas we’ve still got the Series 6 and 7 giveaways to go! And, if you want something to do while you wait, why not check out our Christmas Gift Guide? Psst, there’s a surprise waiting at the end. Try it here.

:point_right: RULES :point_left:

  • This community thread giveaway is open to all countries.
  • This community thread giveaway starts December 7th 2021.
  • This community thread giveaway ends December 12th 2021.
  • All physical prizes from the community thread giveaway will be sent in mid-January.
  • Do not start a new thread when entering this giveaway. Creating a new thread may disqualify you from entry.
  • If (A) a winner’s prize is unavailable or (B) the prize cannot be shipped to the winner’s country, the winner has the right to choose a product of equal or lower value, or a coupon of equivalent value for the Anker online store.
  • The rules for the Gleam giveaway (found here), are outlined on that page specifically.
  • Anker reserves the right of final say on all of its events.

A. I’d give #TheGiftOfPower to my mother because she spends on herself especially for something that seems less important like charging when in reality it massively impacts her time and comfort as she always needs a charged device.
B. I’d give her the 541 USB-C to Lightning Cable/PowerLine III USB-C in the 6ft length because she has never had reliable cables but never seems to get herself any. This would save her the constant struggle of cords breaking, extremely slow charges, having to mess with the cord angle to get it to work, etc. She not only works remote so depends heavily on her cell phone but also to access her friends and family as we moved recently and are far away.


(A) I would give #TheGiftOfPower to my Dad, because last year I gave it to mom and she somehow managed to break it doing something silly. Figure if I give it to him and he lets her use it then it might just survive a year haha

(B) Anker 524 Power Strip, having used one myself, I really like the reliability and mobility of the cube as well as the charging speed. That said, it can also be moved quite easily but yet still hard to break like a powerport charging cube. The extra AC slots never hurt either.


Great giveaway opportunity @AnkerOfficial
So i would give the #giftofpower to my brother.
He’s an avid Apple fan aswell as a keen camper and still believes stock chargers are just as good as 3rd party alternatives :man_facepalming:t2:
I would love to give him an Anker PowerHouse or even a MagGo to go with his camping kit as he always runs out of juice before his planned trip is over - you just can’t tell some people right?


I would give the #TheGiftofPower to my wife (who honestly doesn’t need any more power than she already has!). Between her earbuds, phone, tablets, etc. she could always use a Nano Pro - Dual Port. She is a musician and is constantly finding herself in venues that do not have adequate power available. The Nano Pro Dual Port would help her make the most of what is available.


Appreciate the chances.

  1. Anker 521Portable Power Station is the #TheGiftOfPower that I would give to my brother, Douglas. He has bought a camper recently and has a boat that he uses during the summer when he is off (he is a teacher). It would be good for times he needs that extra power.



The gift for my brother in law would be the power station since he has to work out of his truck or van sometimes and could use the power station.


A) I would give the Anker 511 to my Mother to make sure she has a trusted brand like Anker to ensure her phone is always charged.

B) I have been dreaming of adding an Anker Power Station to my emergency hurricane kit as I live on coastal Florida, and the Anker Series 521 would definitely be a nice addition to my kit.



FYI-----On the Gleam giveaway, your twitter retweet is not there and thus we can not retweet the tweet. It looks like it was either deleted or not created.

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1 A. I would give the gift of power to my friend because he is a great friend and person.
B. I would give him the 555 usbc 8 in 1 power hub


Here is the tweet


A# The gift ofpower I would give to those I know that are draining the national Grid all on their own. B I would give Anker 524 power strip to those people that don’t feel connected enough


Thank you @AnkerOfficial for this awesome “Power-Full” give away :slight_smile:

I would give the #TheGiftOfPower to my daughter who is in the middle school, got her the new iPhone as a gift, so plan to gift her Anker 521 Magnetic Battery (PowerCore 5K) … hate wires, go wireless and always keeping the phone charged :slight_smile:



A. I would give #TheGiftOfPower to my father in law because he is always looking out for my kids, constantly helps us out with projects around the house, goes out of his way to be there when we need him (along with my mother in law) and is by far one of the nicest people on the planet.

B. I would give him the Anker 544 Wireless Charger because over the years we have given him multiple tech items and he always seems to either lose the charger for them or just has them plugged in all over the house. One simple place for him to keep it all, know where everything is at and to charge it all together.