The flagship? : Anker SoundCore Pro+

I got the Anker SoundCore Pro+ for testing.
Thank you ANKER. :smiley:

I will publish a review at AMAZON later.

I own an old A3143.
So I compared the sound of both.
I feel the whole sound of the SoundCore Pro+ is more powerfull.
So my question is:
Is this SoundCore Pro+ ANKER’s “flagship” regarding the sound?

When comparing it with the A3143 I used the same eq frequencies first.
But I had to reduce the 59Hz and 119 Hz as the bass of the SoundCore Pro + is really strong.

I wish you all a relaxing “May Day Holiday” = “Labour Day”!


looking forward to your review

Awesome! Can’t wait for the review.


I think the “Flagship” of the compact is the Nano. I would like to see a IP upgrade version so it can be in an external backpack pocket for walking in rain.

I think the “Flagship” of the medium size is now the Mini 2. Excellent sound and is now IP.

“Flagship” for the larger size?

You will have to define what you mean by “Flagship”.

I had a larger Soundcore and I gave it away as I prefer smaller. Because… if it is small enough it is with you and therefore with you when you need it and therefore it used more often.

Its at and

Meanwhile ANKER offers such various types of speakers, that each of you may have his own “flagship” (His favourite speaker).

But what I mean, is the quality of sound ONLY.
I know this is a difficult criterion,
because the “human ear” differs from person to person.

The Soundcore Pro + is really bulky and heavy so it seemes not so portable, as the smaller ones.

But I would refuse a model, even when its smaller and lighter with a “lousy sound”.

Is that possible with Bluetooth? Isn’t wired better “quality”?

You see where I’m going… everything is subjective.

Typed on a 8" tablet and listening to Netflix on Anker Buds Life. No a tablet is not the flagship, no 8" isn’t the flagship size, no Netflix isnt the flagship streaming service, and no the Life isn’t necessarily the best buds, but they work well enough to be worthwhile for the money.

I do accept your point that the Soundcore Pro+ is probably the flagship at some intersection of definition.

A serious test of speakers requires exactly the same conditions for all
of course.
(same (bluetooth) source, same audio program or app, same equalizer, same music)

Claro the sound is subjective . :grin:

The human hearing is getting worse regarding the age,
and the feeling about the sound is different of course.
Even the type of music you are listening need different adjustments
of an equalizer. So far.

What would you do, when travelling?
Taking a small, light speaker (sound not so excellent)
or a heavy, bulky one with top sound?
ANKER offers many different speakers for different usage.
But for me a speaker has to produce optimal sound, this is it was made for. :wink:

Looking forward to your review @fhassm :smiley:

I wrote one for, but I can make an English translation of course and publish it here.

I am in the market of new speaker and your review will be useful to me. Thanks in advance!

Looking forward for a comparison between The soundcore pro and the soundcore pro+.

I would do this, but I dont own a Soundcore Pro. :sweat:
What I can do is a comparison of A3143 and the Pro +.

But better : B*SE soundlink mini versa Soundcore Pro + :relaxed:

What do you think?

@fhassm We are so happy to know you like our speakers. Yes, the SoundCore Pro + is powerful. We actually have different models of Bluetooth speakers so our customers can make their own choices. You will see more fantastic speakers from us and the “flagship” will be the “next one”, haha :smiley:

May be the different speakers and their different models are leading to some kind of confusion for the customers
(The majority are no connoisseurs of electronics and their specifications, they need simple criterion only)

What I will do, when there is more time (at the moment my daughter is relocating, therefore “old boss” has to do a lot of simple works :sweat_smile: ) )
I write a comparision of my new Socuncore Pro + and my old B++e soundlink mini.