The eufyCam experience

So, I’ve had the chance to play around with my eufyCam 2C and thought it would be useful to post some observations, ask questions etc. To begin with, the BIG one - range and connectivity.

Despite trying all locations that seem reasonable, I’m unable to get a Homebase-two camera setup where all connections are other than poor. Surprisingly, even the wifi connection between my router and my Homebase reports as “poor” even though independent devices connect without issue and report a good connection.

The Homebase-camera connections are so weak that my conclusion is that I need a Homebase per camera mounted on the inside wall to get a strong connection. Why is this? I have digital audio devices that use a proprietary wireless connection and seem to manage connecting through 3 or 4 walls without difficulty. Furthermore, the manufacturer sells a bridge-booster in the event of a poor connection. Maybe that’s what eufy needs to do.

I know I’m not the first to make this observation but it really spoils what is potentially an excellent product. Eufy support comments welcome!

I have the 2c camera setup and found that even though it says i have poor or no signal, my cameras still work as needed. They both connect to the homebase without issue, i have even switched my home base to wireless mode a d it actually has improved one of my cameras connection, but its still not an issue for me since i can still record and watch live feed.

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Thanks yo so much!!