The Eufy Camera Set is a product that is sent unfinished to the customers

Constantly you have to log in again, constantly the video transmission is interrupted, and that, although my WiFi network otherwise works well.
With such defects, the product is simply too expensive and not useful as a safety device.
Where can I complain and send the whole thing back?

Hi Froyo - I was initially disappointed but generally - it is working reasonably well now if you don’t expect too large a range.
You need the base station in a good location. The cameras don’t use your existing wifi they have their own so any wifi repeaters that you have won’t have any effect. The cameras need to be reasonably close to the base station. I found holding them disconnected them. I have one in the porch and one attached to the bird table outside. And they work probably better than I expected. There is still a lot of software work for them to do to have them working with Alexa and other devices but I’ll give them a month as this was only promised for 2018. The Entry Sensor doesn’t really do much would be good if it could trigger the camera. But thats software so maybe that will come soon. Jon


I have been very happy so far, even with the limitations. I have not experienced the range issues others are reporting, and some of my cameras are quite a distance from the hub. I also don’t have any log in issues at all. My phone stayes logged in, unless I log in from a second device, at which time the first device logs off.

I expected hiccups with a new product that still isn’t available to the general public yet. If your willing to give it some time, I anticipate they will get much better.


And it seems that they are interested in listening to us about what we want to see. Hopefully they take our ideas and put them into action. The system has a TON of potential.

Try resetting the homebase and reformatting the SD card. This actually fixes about 90% of the bugs we’re experiencing with the system at the moment.

As for any range issues - we are going to be issuing a software update in the near future that will take care of them.


We appreciate this! And yes, we are taking all feedback into account and doing as much as possible to get this system up and running!


Hi - the issue is that they are selling it to the public !! I was about to purchase the 4 camera system, however having read the feedback received to date, I decided to hold off until I see how the range extenders cost and more importantly work. Not keen to part with AUD $1,300 for a system wireless system with so many bugs and a 10m range !
Keep posting and letting us know how you all get on.

Y’all backed a Kickstarter campaign, it’s for a new product so it’s expected to have bumps and hickups. Just like many other Kickstarter campaigns it’s all trial and error and learning as you go. Netgears Arlo camera system went through the same thing, the difference is Netgear had the money and capabilities to run beta test that are still ongoing, whereas Anker did crowdfunding to source the money to bring a new product to the market, yes it’s unfinished and unrefined but that’s the nature of Kickstarter campaigns


I agree 99% with your comment @elmo41683 but anker did and is still beta testing eufycam and worked through many issues.:grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the other issue to consider is everyone’s environment is different, from router used to signal interference in house to the size and construction of your home. All these add an unknown variable to a wireless products performance

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Hi there. I have the 2 cam and homebase set, and i must say, pretty pleased with it. range here is ok, cams about 10 meter from HB. apps work, face rec is still a bit beta, the only thing i miss is a web portal for the HB, and the ability to give it a fixed IP.

Just to clarify, the product is being sold retail in Australia through JB HiFi, a large national chain. Purchasers who buy retail are fully entitled to return the system for a full refund if it doesn’t live up to the advertised features. Different situation entirely to those who purchased via Kickstarter.

I agree Anker should have taken a little more time before putting this product out in retail stores. Even if it is kickstarter orders only, still people did not pay for something with these many issues.

It is understandable that this is an expensive product and Anker cannot just give it out for free unlike other products in exchnage of honest reviews/feedback/etc. A lot of review websites take the product back. Maybe Anker should have selected a larger pool of beta testers, send them the camera for a month and then get them returned (in exchange for something for their effort and time).

After reading so many issues it feels like a rushed product to get first movers advantage (ravpower came with vava cam with same features recently)


Although I’ve had issues with ravpower before it does look like they have a slightly better system, may have to keep an eye out for them depending on how long it takes for eufy to sort out their issues, saying stuff will be out by the end of 2019 doesn’t inspire much confidence

We are going to get a web portal up and running soon enough!!

As for the fixed IP → forwarded!

Ha, thank you. Also, is it possible to order another set ? 2 cam>HB>door unit?

You got it!
Why not using us “old, wise fellows” to test the product.
We are here for such a help.

I am sure we would have found out all the published issues before
the item goes in the market.

The next time you should do this please ANKER (EUFY) to avoid such a confusion.

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