The Eufy Blender is now live, plus discount

The Eufy Miracle Blender is now live on Amazon!

We have prepared 15% OFF discounts for PU and community fans, the code is EUFY6110, and deals will be valid until May 30th.

we would love to hear your feedback and if possible a video review.


Ouch, that is a steep price for a blender (though launch prices are always higher) :anguished:

@elmo41683 It might be a good idea to drop in a picture & key features on your post


Does any community friends use Ninja’s blender?

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We have and use the Ninja blender, but it’s currently waiting for us in North Carolina

I love the fact that it has a self cleaning mode. What a nifty little feature that is.

I’d be interested in trying this if it makes it to the U.K. market at some point as i love making fruit milkshakes. :slight_smile:


Is your Ninja blender are these model?

One might not think much about blenders. It’s a pretty staple kitchen appliance, right? It’s been there long enough for us to buy one without looking for anything but the price. Well, sometimes it pays to research just a bit.

The first blender my wife and I bought was the cheapest Black&Decker in the store. Still, it had a glass jar! We thought it was a good thing. And B&D is a well-known brand, so we thought we would be safe. It worked all-right for a while, at least until the warranty was on. Then, the piece holding the blades cracked, and anything we tried to blend spilled from the bottom of the cup.

After some time investigating, we reached the conclusion that we were trying to blend some “extra-hard” stuff, and we would need a sturdier blender. Off to the internet I went, looking for the one that would do the trick. At first I though about the Blendtec Total Blender - you know, that from the funny Will it blend? videos. But those cost a cool 500$! We knew we would have to spend more than the 20$ we did on our B&D, but there was a limit. We ended up buying a Ninja Blender. It’s good. It’s pretty good, in fact. We were amazed by it, enough to make us not regret the 150$ we spent on it. It can mix cakes! Yes, the thing can actually mix solids without wincing. We never thought a blender costing over 100$ would ever be worth it, but oh, how wrong we was.

So, that’s the market the Eufy Blender is on. Sure, the price seems steep, but trust me, it’s worth it.

The differences, while almost invisible, are important. Starting with the most obvious: power.

The powerful motor will allow it not only to spin fast, but also to support the resistance of whatever you are blending. You want to just throw those delicious fruits in your blender without worrying? You need power. No matter how sharp and strong the blades are, the motor is more important in the long run.

Then, there’s cleaning - those delicious smoothies won’t require some mess, after all.

Interestingly enough, all blenders claim to be “self-cleanable”. And, if you think about it, it seems logic enough. But it’s not as easy as it seems. I can tell from a lot of experience that our Ninja Blender is not self-cleaning at all. No matter how long you blend water and soap. Of course, there will always be some stuff you blend no powerful self-cleaning system will do, but it will easy the way, at least. While I can’t say anything about the cleaning mode on the Eufy Blender, I believe the claim has some consistency in it.

So, 129.99$ for a good blender is a fair price to pay. But you won’t! You’ll get 15%off with the promo code. If you need a good blender, go for it. Believe me, once you start blending stuff you never thought possible, there’s no way back!


Yes I have a Ninja Blender and no other blender besides the Blendtec my parents own has been able to blend or make a delicious creamier smoothie. Nor have the other lesser brands been able to handle the everyday use and abuse from my cooking and experiments. :joy:

So a cellphone is a possible item to be blended? All other edibidle items fall under the thought possible category. The never thought possible list is endless :smiling_imp:

We have a nice 10 year old metal bodied Kitchen-aide blender and a ninja bullet set. Both blend things differently. We use each device differently in the kitchen.

My wife wants a vitamix blender.

The Eufy looks like a good one, but the price is a little high. If one was given away during a contest or samples were sent out for testing I would love to see how well it works. Are their any reviews of it?

I have the Ninja Professional blender set with dough blender and 3 personal cups.

Overall I am happy with it, does what I need fairly well. It has lasted 3-4 years so far which is the longest I’ve ever had a blender. Big jump from the $20 Oster blenders which had to be replaced every year or so.

Yes we have the first one you listed, the Ninja professional blender. It started with my sister getting one and then after using hers we fell in love with it and got one of our own. It has held up to multiple kids and their mad scientific food creations as well as our cooking uses.

Finally. A blender that is not ridiculously expensive for the features it offers and it seems like it will be good quality. Ordering one now.

@AnkerOfficial I guess I forgot which one we had, just asked the inlaws to send me pictures of it and we have the second one not the first. It’s the Shark Ninja that we have

So I gotta ask, has anyone brought this yet? If so how do you like it?

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In case you missed this discount, Eufy is currently offering another discount on the MiracleBlend D1, bringing the price down to $114.99!

Just apply the coupon on the Amazon listing itself!


UPDATE: eufy’s MiracleBlend D1 is down to just $99.99! ($30 off, rated 4.1 :star:).


The picture of that glass of juice makes me thristy :slight_smile:

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