The Cable That’s Yours For Life

Anker sold its first cable around 3 years ago. Since then, every single generation has surpassed its predecessor to be crowned “The best cable in the world”.

‘The best Lightning cable’ - Wirecutter

‘If you’re looking for an inexpensive cable that will last for years… PowerLine might be your best choice’ - Android Central

‘We consider it to be the best cable you can buy’ - Gear Advice

‘Anker is generally a name you can trust, and this cable is no exception’ - Digital Trends

Our latest cable, PowerLine II Dura, certainly has a lot to live up to. But boy, are we confident! Let’s compare the original PowerLine (a cable already famous for its durability) with the all-new PowerLine II Dura.

Yep, we’re not kidding, we guarantee PowerLine II Dura for life. That means that if you ever, EVER run into issues we’ll replace it immediately. We want it to be the only cable you you ever need to buy—a cable for life.

Not only did PowerLine II Dura laugh in the face of Anker’s intensive quality tests, it’s also 100% Apple authorized with MFi certification. We’re convinced there’s no other cable that offers such reliable and long-lasting performance.

PowerLine II Dura Lightning is currently available in red, blue, black or white to ensure your iPhone looks its best when linked up. USB-C and Micro USB users haven’t been forgotten either, we’ll have more info on other versions ASAP.

Oh, and one more thing! We’re offering 20% off for anyone who’s fed up with constantly replacing their cables. Simply use the code below when you checkout.

Get 20% OFF…48 Hours only:

PowerLine II Dura Lightning Cable (1ft) - Black/White
Regular Price: $9.99
Deal Price:$7.99
Code: PL2ND1FT

PowerLine II Dura Lightning Cable (3ft) - Red/Black/White/Blue
Regular Price: $11.99
Deal Price:$9.59
Code: PL2ND3FT

PowerLine II Dura Lightning Cable (6ft) - White
Regular Price: $12.99
Deal Price:$10.39
Code: PL2ND6FT

US only. Starts April 5th 00:00 PDT, ends April 6th 23:59 PDT.


Is there a PowerLine + Dura coming soon?
Also, is there still going to be an apparel giveaway this week?


Wow, good job Anker!
Please make these available to Canada store…


This cable seems like top-notch in quality and dependability; probably the only cable you will ever need. If I were in the market for a new cable, surely would have bought one. However, I’ll be tell all of my friends about this awesome product!


I see that it’s bulldog strong but is it vicious, toe chewing…chihuahua strong? :yum: LOL. As @Nitin205 said, “probably the only cable you will ever need.” I love Anker cables. They are indeed strong and durable. Thanks Anker for always improving and continuing to make strong, dependable, and awesome products. :slight_smile:


These cables look tough! I already have a handful of Anker cables. I can’t wait to get my hands on set of these so I can test and review them.

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Can’t wait to get one! Anyone else having problems using the 6 FT code?

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Love the innovation!

Of course its not actually for life because the Apple product itself has to work for life which means its either not used or it dies before the cable dies, and then Apple will change its port eventually. So life = a couple of years in reality. Also you could probably buy 2 or 3 cables for the same price which collectively would last as long if not longer, and of course a cable failing under warranty, where you are in effect paying for your own warranty with a more expensive cable, the cable still failed so you still have no cable with you til you get home to another cable.

I bought 2 non-Anker cables last week for the price of 1 Dura, and put a meter on them and they were electrically better than the official Apple cable (2.3A vs 2.1A on the meter).

I like the short cables which withstand bending a lot for when you’re connecting and stuffing into one pocket with a battery, the example is the Powercore Slim, where shorter = less bulge and shorter = tighter bend radius = more stress.


Looks amazing and durable! Would love to get one for me and my family members cause our chargers usually break easily and fast.

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Exactly devices just arent made to last for more than a few years now a days.


You make some great points!


The 1ft and 6ft codes are already expired.

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PL2ND6FT is dead. Please reactivate? :slight_smile:

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It’s just what I need

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Hi all! Our PowerLine II codes were so popular that we ran out within a couple hours! Don’t fret though, you can still grab a cable and it’s worth every penny. As we said, it’s the only cable you’ll ever need :grin:


The codes may have all been gobble in USA but these codes work still just fine in UK.

(taken from the Facebook page)


Will there be a simmilar USB C PD cable released soon? Along with a USB C PD charger for the UK?


The 6ft cable codes were out as of 10pm UK time but 3ft and 1ft codes were still available…


Nice! This is what we need!

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