The best Anker Bluetooth speaker

Hey guys and girls,

I’m curious as to what everyone thinks is the best Anker Bluetooth speaker for casual listening in my living room?

I have the SoundCore and I love it! Great sound for a tiny, portable speaker, BT connectivity and decent battery life.


the premiun speaker


I have a SoundCore, best speaker pound for pound. The battery life is awesome.
A must for anyone on the move.


I’ve had my eye on a SoundCore for a while now! Thanks for the great advice :slight_smile:

How smooth/easy is the bluetooth connection? I have had a few BT speakers and have found some to be a bit tricky to connect to. Also, do you have any issues controlling the speaker volume using the music source (i.e., the volume controls on your phone)?

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Not anything Anker, that’s for sure.

me too on eyeing a speaker, my old auvio from radioshack forces me to forget and reconnect everytime i want to use it.
I tried one of those cheap wall suction shower bluetooth speakers and it is garbage.

eyeing the anker waterproof speakers

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The Soundcore is amazing!

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If you want something small, I would recommend the SoundCore nano. It is super small and has incredible sound. For me, this is enough, but if you want really loud music, I would try the SoundCore XL. I haven’t tried the SoundCore XL though.

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Appreciate the good advice! I’m swinging towards the SoundCore I’ve heard nothing but good things about it from the community on here

Looking for the highest quality Bluetooth Speaker that Anker has. Preferably the highest quality sound.

Let me know what you guys have and your thought? Anker has a lot of Speakers to choose from.