The battle of reviews!

I picked up this one!
Well made with serious arguments.
But not true.

Should he have been pa+d for his elaboration.?

His work is serious written, but not touching the reality.


Not being in English, I couldn’t read it.

Web page translate is your friend…anyway here what it says:

In summary not the yellow of the egg
FromFranky on June 18, 2018
Verified Purchase
The most positive was the shipping. Ordered Thursday night and Saturday lunch was the package there.

Carton unpacked and then already the first damper. The packaging kinked and the Kunstoffummantelung, where the Soundbox is embedded, torn. That let me guess by how many hands the part must have gone.

The sound box itself is good in the hand. The workmanship is clean and you have the feeling to have bought something of high quality. The coupling with the mobile phone (Samsung A5) has worked quickly and without problems. The arrangement of the buttons Above the device, I find well positioned and have a pleasant pressure point.
The play of light is very nice. I do not need it and maybe you should have invested the money in developing a decent app.
Let’s come to the main criterion why you have bought this small soundbox:

---- THE SOUND —

To put it in a word, disappointing !!!
I can not share the positive recessions here and wonder if I’m too demanding or the sound does not matter to others and the light plays are in the foreground?
After my JBL Flip 3 blessed the time, I thought to myself, try a product from Anker. Is priced in the same segment. But sonically lie between the two devices worlds.
After pairing the Soundcore Flare with my phone for the first time, I listened to what the little box had to offer. To anticipate that, without the equalizer of my phone, nothing worked. The sound in the standard functions too flat, both in the bass and in the middle. What he does well and that in every volume are heights. With increasing volume so loud everything else goes under.

But … I thought, this part has a bass up function. I have hoped for so much from him. That will certainly improve the sound. That’s what I thought. I have to say that the bass at medium volume and the equalizer a bit high level already gives me the impression that this end is in the area.
With the bass up button pressed, just clank. I wonder why the key even exists? Only at very low volume can I certify this function a significant service.
If you increase the volume correctly, the box develops a life of its own. One has the feeling that the basses are electronically controlled down. The sound then only refers to heights and mids. And she can loudly. But sonically, that’s nothing in my opinion.

For me that was nix.2 well-meaning stars for the look and the feel.

I don’t have that facility on my phone

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What web browser do you use? If you use chrome you can configure it to auto translate any webpage automatically

Thank you for having “translated” it. :wink:
I think this fellow, who is well skilled in writing and has technical knowledge is obviously writing a “bad review” not based on the real facts.
I can not verify that story of the “missing bass”, tough using an equalizer.
It’s really not true.
So my suspicion is there are reviewers around focusing on the competitors.

I have to agree, because everyone who has reviewed the flare noted the bass. And while it’s TRUE that bassup has a more pronounced effect at lower volumes, the bass is still there. Some people just like to see the world burn and will never be satisfied.


I nailed this fellow a little bit by asking him some “serious” questions,
BUT of course NO answer. :grin: