The Audio Revolution Has Begun

Since launching in 2017, ZOLO by Anker has been committed to creating a new era in smart audio products. This includes ZOLO Liberty+, which became one of the top Kickstarter campaigns of all time and a fan favorite for us on Amazon. We are grateful to all of our passionate fans for helping make ZOLO so successful.

ZOLO will continue to sell and support its true wireless earphones and smart speakers, but today we evolve our passion for music as we unite all of our Anker audio products under one brand: Soundcore by Anker.

Anker Soundcore launched in 2014 and today, it is one of the best selling audio brands on Amazon globally, as well as a top seller at Walmart. This year, the newly branded Soundcore by Anker will expand into several new retailers including Best Buy, Brookstone, and Target.

We will have a number of exciting new audio products to announce in the coming weeks. So stay tuned!:sunglasses:

– Team Soundcore


Can’t wait, should be awesome :grinning::heart_eyes:

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Great news @AnkerOfficial but can’t help thinking there should of been at least one product to release or show off at the same time. It would of given the announcement a bit more excitement.

I know there is an image of the SoundCore Flare(s) on Facebook etc. But still no real details or expected date. Something else to keep us excited and the suspense going.

Truth be told and history dictates that the first we hear of new products will be from someone on the page digging up info or searching amazon.

You know we all love the brand and if info and images were shared sooner we could do more to help the brand and share what’s coming. #soundcore


Wow! Very cool!

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Well, this goes hand in hand with the post I made about what new products are gonna be coming out…Soundcore Flare
Space NC
Spirit X
Spirit Pro
Liberty lite


And as I just said, somebody will find the info before we are given any lovely product release info here.

It’s all good and starts discussions but then we are all left wondering what the specifics are.

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I’m looking forward. The verge says these products are fine


Awesome… it will be great to see SoundCore products at my local Target! :thumbsup:

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Nice! I can’t wait to see Best Buy selling your stuff!

looking forward to what’s to come

we look forward to the news products.

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Can’t wait to get my hands on these products!

Can’t wait to see what you have to offer. Looking forward at seeing all the new products.

Woot! Woot! Can’t wait to see what you guys are coming out with. Go Anker!

More audio goodies to try and have a mess with at some stage :grin:

Anker makes my favorite Headphones!!

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What UK stores would #soundcore be available?

Amazon and MemoryUK that we know of

Good Luck Soundcore Team… … keep up the good work

I have the sound life wire less earphone and it’s so great, so i cant imagine how soundcore will be greater than it , i can’t wait for it :heart::heart:

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