The answer to your charging prayers (Quick Charge 3.0)

After countless nights of fumbling around with power bricks to charge my phone I decided enough was enough. This thing is a life saver! I used to have to plug and unplug my iPhone and their stupid certified cables time and time and time again every night, and if I got lucky, I didn’t have to unplug the usb cable end from the brick. I wasn’t sure what the problem was, but after some trial and error I narrowed it down to the power brick. This thing rocks, I haven’t tested it’s quick charge, but it’s been flawless every night when I want to charge my gear. I can not only plug my phone in the first time, every time, I can also charge my tablet, a GoPro Session 5, a direct charge to a GoPro Hero 5, and a dual charger for the GoPro Hero 5 batteries. Using 1 OEM cable and 2 of the Anker USB to USB-C cables.