The Anker Forum

I recently saw a post The Anker Community: Past & Future, I really hope this happens this time. There is a reason I used to spend so much time here, if I wanted to talk about Anker, post a review, ask a question, I knew I could come here and I would get real help rather than a bunch of trolls. The giveaways and such were just a bonus. I never really understood why every company wants us to like, follow, share on all the different social media sites. Anything advertised on those sites will obviously reach more people, but on our (the customer’s) end we lose the ability to (quickly) get legitimate answers about a wide variety of issues.
That being said, I really hope that this time they do ‘bring back the community’. I check in every once in a while, but it doesn’t seem like Anker is/was engaging, which is something I also thought was important.


Let’s Go Community!

I would love to discuss thing like Anker’s Oculus Charging Dock


Hey there @Lost-in-Tech
I think you echo the words of many of the regulars here.
It seems a new lease of life has been injected into the forum and im hoping things will get back to how they were a couple of years ago.


Really, lets go lets start!
Lets go back to those good old funny and exciting times.


Here here!

Social media is frothy superficial, too many adverts, no depth, it’s not structured for debate, nuances, pros/cons. It’s an utter waste of time.

It’s also dominated by a small number of angry people produces a darker view of reality.

A community allows a thread, editing, quoting


I totally agree! :grin:


Guess we’ll see :man_shrugging: