The Anker Community 1 Year Anniversary Contest Results!​

Judging this contest was very difficult! There were over 200 entries, and distilling all of the amazing entries down into 10 winners was a grueling process.

If you haven’t already seen the over two hundred amazing entries we had, or maybe if you just need a refresher course, please check them out here in the entry thread!

Before we begin, a brief reminder on what prizes that winners will be getting in this event:

You’ll get your choice of up to 5 products with a combined value of $150 or less! Sounds amazing!!

Now is time to announce the winners:



We’d like to thank every one of the people who entered this contest! I can feel all your love toward Anker! We’d like to hear any feedback you guys have for the contest, or recommendations for future contests! We already learned a lot from it, and have thought about ways to improve the efficiency of our judging process for next time. We may discuss more ideas in a while, but for now, let’s celebrate our winners!​:grin::clap::clap::clap:


WOW! Thank you so much Anker and HUGE congratulations to all the other winners. Great to see so many active members on the winners list! :gift::confetti_ball::tada::balloon:

I can not describe in words how excited I am!!!


OMG!!! This is by far the biggest prize I have ever won! Thank you Anker so much!

Thank you @joshuad11 :grinning::grinning:


:open_mouth: Wow I certainly wasn’t expecting that. You have certainly improved a bad day @AnkerOfficial , thanks and congratulations to the other winners.



Another WOW!! :smile_cat: Thank you very much @AnkerOfficial, much love to you all!
Well done to the rest of the winners too! I can see me getting a whole load of cables :heart_eyes_cat:


Don’t go to cable happy they have a 5 product max! Throw in some power cores


Currently going through the product list of USB C and PD enabled/compatible Powercores and chargers. Could be a good idea in future to be able to filter them all by technology.


Thank you so much, @AnkerOfficial! And congratulations to the other winners on the list, where I’m also very happy to see so many active community members on the list! :tada: :blush:


I was coming here after getting off work and browsing like I normally do before my second job and I see this. Congrats to all the winners, but don’t mind me if I go :cry: in the corner. Was hoping to snag a few Christmas gifts, oh well inward and upwards.

Very happy to see active users winning, much better than the fly by just contest entries


WOW :open_mouth: super chuffed to be included in the winners list as there was so many fantastic entries. Absolutely thrilled :tada: :tada:

Thank you so much @AnkerOfficial you are the absolute best xx

Well done to all the other winners too :clap: :clap: All very worthy winners :thumbsup:

Ps, could you create a 5pk of Powerline+ II Lightning Cables please so I can use it as 1 item :wink:


Awesome well done to all the winners

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Gulp. Thankyou!/ I never thought I’d be selected, I’ll begin thinking, these will all be gifts.

We all eager to know what are our choices from, total freedom of all Anker siblings shipping off Amazon or restrictions.

As for future giveaways, at it’s core I think it has to a range where every real human community members new and old has a chance, some based on random luck, some based off community votes, some on merit. You are doing all of these now. Given the challenges of filters for real contributing members, it’s difficult to think of better than what you have been doing!


Is that £150’s too then? :pray:

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So you want it at USA prices too? Ok then want it at discounted too? :heart_eyes:


Lol I’m just checking hahah

I am extremely grateful for anything :heart_eyes:


Congrats winners! :slight_smile: Lets keep promoting ANKER.


Congratulations winners!!

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Like your thinking but I highly doubt it :laughing:

I’m guessing we’ll be emailed a Google form to list the (up to five) products (in order of preference), then they will calculate how much it comes to based on region…UK is looking at around £114 at present :smile:


Congrats to the winners!

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