The Anker Christmas Countdown | New Giveaway Every Week

Ho Ho Hey, Anker Fans!

The decorations are up, the temperature is down, and we’re all in the mood for Christmas! Starting today, Anker Claus will be hopping down the chimney every Tuesday to bring exclusive giveaways to Anker fans.

Check out the festivities we’ve got in store:

1. The Weird and Wonderful Christmas Song Contest | Winner Announced!

Step into Christmas by sharing your favorite (or least favorite) Christmas song with us! The song can be weird, wonderful, or even your own Christmas cover! Once we all feel like rocking around the Christmas tree, we’ll randomly pick 3 of you to win a mystery box worth $100!

2. May All Your Christmas Sweaters be Ugly | Winner Announced!

Christmas is a time for joy, sharing, and of course, ugly sweaters. Show us your ugly Christmas sweater, the uglier the better, and you could win 1 of 3 mystery boxes worth $100!

3. All I Want For Christmas is … | Winner Announced!

Anker Claus is paying one more visit to the community to give 5 lucky fans whatever their hearts desire. Simply let us know what Anker gift you’d like for Christmas and it could be yours!

I’m sure you’re all wondering what prizes are hidden inside our mystery boxes, but it wouldn’t be very festive of us to spoil the surprise. The only way to find out is to try and win one for yourself.

Events will be online every Tuesday, so make sure to make a note on your advent calendar if you want to be in with a chance of winning.

Power On!


Ooh, I can’t wait for more contests :smiley:.

This feels like Christmas now :smiley: at least (!!) one contest every week on top of PowerDraw, Soundcore giveaway, hopefully some testing events, and another round of BIG giant Auction… just to name a few…

Thank you Anker @AnkerOfficial


Yep it’s certainly beginning to …


Thanks again @AnkerOfficial for the yearly contest(s) :+1:


Boom, great contests.
Thanks @AnkerOfficial :+1:t2:

What awesome end of year contests!! Thanks so much!!


Thank you for the wonderful contests @AnkerOfficial

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Wow, more contests already :grinning:
Thanks @AnkerOfficial :christmas_tree:

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vb_woot countdown to Christmas day

Oh, ho, ho , ho, ho … @AnkerOfficial Anker’s very own Santa Claus is coming to town … and its magic !!



I wonder if SANTA LOZ has anything planned :joy:


Thats going to be interesting to watch, what Soundcore Collective has planned !!

Clash of contests… Santa Claus Vs Santa Loz :rofl:

Wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t have any contests- or maybe just one. They’ve done a lot of contests lately I doubt there contest budget is still thriving lol.

Great contests! Good Luck Everyone!

Collective may not plan a series of contests but one major at least for sure. I wonder if they have something similar to Auction house here…

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This is exciting!

Woohoo! This is so exciting!


Some great songs being posted here that I’ll be adding my Spotify Christmas Playlist. :+1:t2:

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Nice! happy holidays