The All New… | Who likes doing chores?

I’ve hated doing chores ever since I was a kid. The chore I hated the most was…washing the dishes! But now, we have a dishwasher so…HURRAY!

What about you? What chore do you hate doing the most!?

I did a little research, and guess what I learned (unsurprisingly)—people really do hate doing all the cleaning and dusting that’s needed around the house! HERE are the top 10 most-hated chores from voters (just for reference and fun)

  1. Cleaning the oven
  2. Cleaning the windows
  3. Painting walls
  4. Dusting
  5. Vacuuming the stairs
  6. Sorting out a bedroom cupboard
  7. Defrosting the freezer
  8. Cleaning the baseboard
  9. Moving furniture to clean behind it
  10. Vacuuming under the sofa cushions

I see a variety of hated cleaning chores on this list…

So, here are the questions:

What is the most HELPFUL smart household appliance you ever bought?

What is the most USELESS smart household appliance you ever bought?

You are also welcome to discuss if there is anything special on your wishlist; maybe you’ll get some helpful suggestions and advice before you make a purchase.

Last but not least, I’m curious to know how many of you have used our RoboVac? What do you like and dislike about it? I’d love to hear your comments and criticisms—that’s what leads to improvement!

Now, let’s welcome our newest family member, the Eufy RoboVac 11S :kissing_heart:

Join the discussion with us!


If the RoboVac could speak, he would say: njom njom njom :joy:


Then it would say,
D is for dirt and Dirt is for me

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Am I the only weirdo who like to clean? Washing/detailing my truck is like meditation for me. As for smart home equipment my collection is rather small at the moment but I think the most useful would be my eufy genie as it enables me to voice control my smart plugs and adjust the color and spectrum of my eufy bulbs. Ankers/eufy smart home game is strong. :muscle:

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You are the first person I met who treats cleaning like meditation.:joy::joy:

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There’s now a video on the Amazon listing!

To each his own right?:sunglasses: The new RoboVac 11S looks awesome. It would be a huge help around my place. I broke my pinky toe last night and have doctor’s orders to stay off my feet when I can for 6 weeks. So no vacuuming for a while. My place is always Dusty because I live close to a busy highway.

I love cleaning my car and my bikes.

Cleaning the house I hate though… The oven is definitely the top of my “hate” list!

I love the idea of the robovac, however I have a parrot. Parrots are messy, they drop seeds and food everywhere! In my experience, small vacums simply cannot cope with the abuse from parrot mess :smile:

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I ended up with some nasty burns from oven cleaner last time I cleaned my oven. Next time I’m going to gear up.

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Buy a self cleaning oven. It’s worth it. Trust me :joy:

Duly noted.

Hope you get better soon!
Do you leave alone? You need someone to help you clean the house.:joy:

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Thank you for sharing this video here! Not sure how many people like this, but we spent two days shooting the video.:sunglasses:

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Maybe our Robovac can be your parrot’s best friend! Lol :joy:

Office hours well spent :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

She would either attack/shout at it, or ride around on it like a little go kart I think :smile_cat:

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