The All-New Roav Bolt | Hands-Free Help in the Car with the Google Assistant

Greetings, Roav Warriors!

We’re proud to announce that Roav is venturing forth on a new journey powered by Bolt, a dual-port smart charger that’s optimized with the Google Assistant. Effortlessly enhance your driving, and make the most of your time in the car with Bolt and the Google Assistant.

So how is Bolt going to improve your drive? By adding hands-free help from the Google Assistant. Just start with, “Hey Google” to set navigation routes, keep in touch with friends and family, enjoy on-the-go entertainment, and more while keeping your focus on the road, not your phone.

Bolt works great when your phone is locked or stashed away, so you can easily get help whenever you need it. Bolt also improves voice interactions with the Google Assistant, so you can be heard loud and clear, even when it’s noisy on the road.

So now that you’ve been introduced to Bolt and the Google Assistant, buckle up and join us as we take a closer look at some of Bolt’s other awesome features.

  • Pair your smartphone with your car stereo via Bluetooth or an AUX cable to access the Google Assistant.
  • Lost? Simply say, “Hey Google, navigate to…” followed by your desired destination.
  • Want to enjoy some classic tunes on your cross-country road trip? With the Google Assistant and Bolt, seamlessly stream music with just your voice.
  • Take and send calls and messages, set reminders, catch up on the latest news, and more, all without ever touching your phone.
  • Battery running low? Bolt comes with two PowerIQ charging ports with VoltageBoost. You and your friends no longer have to fight over a single charging port.
  • Advanced noise-canceling and acoustic echo-cancelling technology ensure that your voice commands can be heard loud and clear, no matter how loud the kids are screaming.

Roav Bolt with the Google Assistant is now available for pre-order at for $49.99. The first 200 buyers will get a free Anker cable. Please stay tuned to the Roav community for news of worldwide release.

Until next time, safe travels Roav fans.


Currently use Alexa but was wondering when this would happen


Happy to hear! Personally I think that, given enough time, the Google Assistant will be more widely adopted than Alexa,(which? who?) is only in such a spot because of amazon’s “Let’s-put-Alexa-into-everything” approach. Definitely gonna buy one of these eventually!


Looks great. Glad there’s finally a version for all the google assistant fans!

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Does it have poweriq 2.0

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No, it does not. Just PowerIQ 1.0.

@joshuad11 Any updates on release?

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Has anyone who pre-ordered seen any shipping dates or heard from Roav on dates?

Not having to use Siri while navigating would be amazing. Have a Google Home and Chromecast a home so definitely looking forward to this!.

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Still looking at an April launch.

It’s released now :joy:

Yes, I asked for a status update back in March. Definitely knew the release date, but thanks for the update!

Lol yeah I know. We already had a we love testing for it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’m still waiting for my Bolt to arrive